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7 Tips for sustainable travel during Erasmus

Travelling has become an essential part of our life, for some it is luxury, for others it is a necessity and some take it as a way of life. For all international students, it is more of a necessity than a luxury when heading to host Universities. For whatever reason we might be travelling, we surely undertake some activities that hurt our environment. Here are 7 tips for sustainable travel during your Erasmus. This can be applied for any sort of travelling at any time.

1. Travel by land


Travelling by land is more eco-friendly. Travelling by land in most cases might have the inconvenience of long hours, however, going by land has less impact on the environment than by air. Due to long distances it might be unavoidable but if there is a train or bus option we encourage you to take it!

2. Fly direct, and economy!

Since long-distance trips by land might take forever, you will have to choose flying instead. If this is the case try to cut off stopovers as take-off and landing are the worst for emissions. Just like cars pollute more in the city due to stops and start over. When flying try your best to go on economy class as it is highly eco-friendly.

3. Pack light!

The weight you bring with while travelling, either it's for your Erasmus or just a vacation impacts your footprint. Your footprint is larger, the heavier your bag is.
Check out our post about how to pack your Erasmus suitcase efficiently. Keep in mind how much you bring and how sustainable, reusable and wasteful each item may be.

4. Use your legs!

Your body is designed to perfectly take you anywhere you want to go. Go see your Erasmus city walking through its main streets, hike, run, use a bike, unicycle. There are tons of efficient ways to use your energy to move around. This helps you exercise and it is a better transportation method for the environment! This is why we recommend picking an accommodation that is close to your university.

5. Use public transportation

If walking or using a bike is not an option, public transportation becomes the next best thing for environmental impact. Most student cities across Europe are highly equipped with good public transportation. Therefore this is not a problem for students to get around in their Erasmus city. This paves way for sustainable travel and stay during Erasmus.

6. Buy second hand

There are tons of Erasmus students leaving your host city as you are arriving. Most of them end up selling their goods because they can take them to go. Take advantage of that and get good deals on all your needs. Head to a used clothing store, thrift shops, vintage and second-hand to get good deals on your needs. Save money and the environment.

7. Eat-in – don’t take out

Even though under the pandemic situation take out is the best option, you have to know that paper, plastic, styrofoam have huge impact on our environment. Now is the time to start learning some culinary skills that will save you money, it's healthier and environmentally friendly.

7 tips for eco-friendly travelling

  • Travel by land

  • Fly direct, and economy!

  • Pack light!

  • Use your legs!

  • Use public transportation

  • Buy second hand

  • Eat-in – don’t take out

What other eco-friendly travelling methods do you know of? Share it with us in the comments.

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