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10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Italy

Italy is one of the most chosen countries by students to do an Erasmus, this is due to its location, climate, gastronomy and culture.
Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Italy, the country of pasta and pizza, as an Erasmus destination. Don't miss any of the 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Italy.

1. Geographical location


Italy is located in the south of Europe, which is more than enough reason to choose this country as a destination for your Erasmus experience. Its location makes travelling between countries really easy and cheap.

There are many travel offers from any of its airports. A good option is to leave Bologna, since it is located in the centre of Italy and is usually the most central airport, although if you are in Milan or Rome, you will surely have a lot of travel options from there.
Being so well located you find offers that make travelling a must; We are talking about roundtrip flights for € 20 or € 30, a complete bargain!

2. Transport

It has a large internal train network, which connects the entire Italian territory, so you can discover the country comfortably and cheaply.
One of the most used companies is Trenitalia, to give you an idea, you can find a train ticket from Bologna (central Italy) to Milan (northern Italy) for less than € 20.
Besides, every so often, they take out express offers, so download the App and create alerts, it will help you not to miss an offer and travel for two dollars.

3. The party

It is typical to talk about partying in Italy, however concerning Erasmus, it is an obligation.
Italy has many Erasmus and university cities, besides being a Mediterranean country they know how to throw a good party. It is clear that as in Spain nowhere, but they are not far behind.

The night

One thing to keep in mind is that it is allowed, except for heritage towns, to drink in the streets. Of course, as long as everything is collected later, you have to be responsible.
On the other hand, the party ends late, they last until 5 or 6 in the morning and as for prices, drinks are around € 6-7, although Erasmus students often have discounts.

The best cities to party are:

Milan, Rome, Florence and Bologna. If you are not located in one of these cities, you can travel by train to party in them. Trains work early in the morning, but be careful not to fall asleep, the train does not stop and you do not know where you are going to wake up.

4. Language

It is one of the great reasons for choosing the Mediterranean country. In some universities, to do your Erasmus to Italy, they do not ask you for a language certificate, as in Portugal, so it is an option if English is not your thing.
The recommendation is to make a list of the words that you think can help you, so you will save yourself sweat and embarrassment.
Although, Italian is easy to learn, especially for Latinos, since many words are similar.

5. Food

The country of pasta and pizza. If you love these two things, Italy is your country.

10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Italy

When you arrive you will realize that, for everything, the base is pasta. It is not uncommon to see them eat pasta 7 days a week, do not be alarmed, it is very normal.
They also mix it with everything: pasta and legumes, pasta and vegetables ... pasta, pasta and pasta, it is their national product and they take it to the extreme.

6. Places you should know

If you like to know and discover places, Italy has a great heritage. You can visit small towns with spectacular beauty.
It is recommendable that you visit both villages and cities, the more the merrier, you will love them.
Italy offers both beach and mountain sites and all of them with a great heritage.

Charming Italian cities:

Verona, Reggio Emilia, Cinque Terre, Parma, Padua, Lake Como, Siena, Venice, Florence, etc.

Beach areas on the Italian coast:

Malfitana Coast and the southeast area of ​​Puglia: Bari, Ostuni, Salento and Taranto.

Best Italian mountains for mountain lovers:

Trentino, Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, Madonna di Campiglio, Merano, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Breuil Cervinia, Bardonecchia.

7. The Italian character

This depends a lot on where they are from, there is a lot of difference between those from the north and south.
Those from the south are closer and friendlier, quite the opposite to their neighbours to the north, much more surly.
When greeting, if you are not friends, shake hands; this is good to know to avoid awkward situations. On the other hand, if there is a relationship or they already know each other, they give two kisses, but always starting with the left cheek.

8. Climate

The climate is variable, it changes a lot from north to south, although in general, the temperature is pleasant, since it is located in the Mediterranean and also has a natural barrier, the Alps.
The climate is Mediterranean-continental. Winter is cold and wet, it finds its way through your clothes no matter how many layers you wear. On the other hand, the summer is dry, especially in the South. The highest rainfall occurs in winter, often in the form of snow, and in autumn. Spring is very warm as it is usually battered by warm air from Africa.

9. Main monuments in Italy

The must-see sites that you cannot miss while in Italy are:
The Colosseum in Rome, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome
St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican
Tower of Pisa, Pisa
Cathedral of Milan, Milan
Piazza San Marco, Venice
Piazza del Campo, Siena
Florence Cathedral, Florence
Valley of the Temples, Sicily
Arena of Verona, Verona
We know that they are not all, but they are the most iconic so if you can, you should visit them.

10. Cost of living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy could be said to be a medium-high cost; compared to Spain or Portugal it is almost 20-30% more expensive.
To get an idea, the cost of a beer can be around 5 or 6 euros. Of course, it all depends on the establishment in which you take it, so always ask before ordering.
We can extrapolate this to the price of a residence or flat. The most expensive Italian cities are:
1st Milan
2nd Rome
3rd Venice
4th Florence
5th Genoa
On the other hand, the cheapest cities to live in are:
1st Naples
2nd Bologna
3rd Turin
For more information go to where you can find apartments and rooms, always 100% verified.

10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Italy

Italy is undoubtedly an excellent option to experience an Erasmus to the fullest. It has cities, monuments, and native gastronomy that you cannot miss. To all this must be added the connection with the rest of Europe, making it impossible not to visit it.
We hope that these 10 reasons to go on Erasmus to Italy have convinced you to choose this country as your final option.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Italy

How much does it cost to live in Italy as an Erasmus student?

As we have explained before, it depends on where you live, but don't expect a cheap country, keep that in mind.

How is student life in Italy being Erasmus?

You will not miss anything. Life is very busy, you will always have things to do, between trips, university and study, even if it is little.

How much does a student accommodation cost for Erasmus in Italy?

It will depend on the city and if you choose a flat or residence. You can compare prices through our website

How much is the Erasmus grant to study in Italy?

It is classified as Group 2, this classification depends on the cost of living in the country. The aid will be between € 220 and € 420 per month, but everything will depend on the country of origin.

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