Making your student room more accommodating

Any new home can take some time to get accustomed to and relocating for a university is no exception.

Leaving home for the first time is never easy. It can be a scary and anxious time but making your new room feel like home will help you to settle in.

You don't need much to make your student room more accommodating. Bring some of your belongings with you, buy some comfortable items, and create a dedicated space in your room for studying, sleeping, and unwinding.

Brighten up Your Room


Light up your student room

There is no doubt that lighting has a significant impact on the ambience of the space. You'll be more energised and focused whilst studying in a well-lit environment. Fairy lights can also work wonders on your mood, creating a tranquil and comfortable environment.

Your student room will most likely have a singular ceiling light fixture, therefore you should spend within your budget on additional lights, like a reading light or bedside lamp.

Rearranging Your Furniture

Rearranging furniture is one of the best methods to give a student room some personality. University rooms are frequently arranged similarly, so it’s a quick and easy way to set yours apart.

One of the most beneficial student bedroom layouts is to place your desk close to a window so that you may study while enjoying the sunshine or take in the beautiful views at night.

Decorate Your Room with a House Plant

Add house plants

Adding a houseplant to your room is one of the best student home décor ideas for making it feel cosier and more attractive. Additionally, they increase the air quality in the space, which is beneficial for meditation and creating a calm setting that can instantly improve your mood.

Unlike garden plants, most indoor plants don't need much care, such as frequent watering or trimming. This make them easy to look after. So go and purchase some indoor plants, such as cacti, Ficus, peace lilies or spider plants.

Make Your Room Smell Like Home

Do you or your parents use a particular scented diffuser, air freshener or candle at home? Bring one with you to remind you of home.

Smell has a profound effect on our emotions and may change the ambience of any living area. A good smell can lift our moods. Making your room smell wonderful and fresh is, therefore, a fantastic idea.

Adding a Personal Touch

Bringing a little touch of home with you, can make this transition much easier. Moving away is undoubtedly about new experiences, fresh starts, and working on who you are. In addition to adding flair to a space, photos also let you inject a little of your personality into it, getting a smile out of you as soon as you see them.

Make a collage for a unique spin. Print your favourite memories and arrange them on the walls with blue tac so as not to damage them.

Bedding and Accessories

Student room more accommodating

Most people purchase their bedding and towels in a rush just before they go to university, frequently on a budget because they believe that anything nice will be damaged before the completion of the first term. But it is worth spending a bit more to get good bedding and bath towels, whether you use them right away or later. Indeed, the right bedding and towels can make a modest room seem luxurious. You'll need a heavier duvet to get you through the winter if your room is chilly and a lower tog for the summer months.

Given that your bed typically takes up most of your space in a student apartment, choosing cheery and appealing duvet covers that coordinate with your curtains can significantly impact how cosy and inviting your room seems overall.


Being away from home can be lonely at the best of times. But being in a new country too makes it that much harder. Many students suffer from homesickness and it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this. There are things you can do to minimise the feeling, one of those being making your student accommodation feel as homely as possible.

Even though the room's furniture may not be your own, you can still use your interior design skills to make it feel like yours. Treat yourself within your budget to enhance your space and make it a home from home.

Written by Millie Fuller, a graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2018 with a degree in Psychology. Her two loves – thinking and creativity – led her to pursue a career in marketing, and later, become a content creator.

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