Internship abroad: all you need to know

Today, a question is increasingly asked when looking for an internship. “Should I go abroad for an internship or stay in my country?”.

Work placements are an excellent way for students to become more professional during their course and to increase their employability later on. Often located at key periods of your education, they allow you to understand the business world, and often to get to know the sectors of activity that interest you. Today, a question is increasingly asked when looking for an internship. "Should I go abroad for an internship or stay in my country?"

In this article we will give you the reasons why it is important to do an internship abroad.

Why doing an internship abroad?


You will have more chances to succed in your professional life

By doing an internship abroad, you will gain valuable experience in the eyes of companies. Employers will really appreciate the fact that you have made an effort to go and work abroad, and immerse yourself in a foreign country with a culture different from your own. In addition, if you do an internship in a company that suits you and that you develop your skills sufficiently, your profile will be even more considered by recruiters. This will make it easier for you to get a job!

Added value to your resume

For your CV, one of the best ways to complete a university exchange is to take up the challenge of an internship abroad! This professional and personal life experience is a major asset to your resume. An internship in a foreign country will set you apart from other young graduates looking for work and will allow you to stand out to many employers!

You will be more open to the world

Moving abroad for 6 months will open your mind ! Although the context of the internship is professional, you will be immersed in a new country with a new culture. In addition to discovering the daily life of the foreign country, you will learn about customs that you don't even know existed. You will also have a new vision of work and you will learn the working methods of this new country.

You will develop your network

Going abroad for your internship will allow you to develop your professional and personal network. You will have a great chance to make a lot of friends and professional contacts. Both in quantity and quality! So, think about building relationships with your internship tutor, your colleagues, your collaborators or even your clients. They could become valuable contacts for your career and your future travels and personal projects!

Internship abroad

You will improve your language skills

This is an obvious advantage. It could be THE reason why it is useful to go abroad for an internship. Not only will you improve your English, which is the main language of communication abroad, but you will also improve your language skills. This will make a difference in everything you can do in your professional and personal life.

How to prepare yourself?

Going on an internship abroad is a wonderful opportunity to experience the world of work in another country. To avoid finding yourself in unexpected situations once you are there (administrative worries, financial problems...), it is better to be well prepared before jumping on the plane.

Find out about the administrative procedures

The formalities of an internship abroad are often numerous. Also, the processing of your file can take more or less time depending on the country you wish to go to.

In order not to find yourself in a complicated situation, it is important not to let the administrative procedures drag on: passport, internship visa, internship agreement, identification number for workers in the chosen country, opening a bank account, you must do everything possible to gather all the administrative documents you will need as soon as possible.

This way, you will avoid any last minute surprises that could complicate your experience. In addition to these documents, it will also be necessary to take out an insurance policy to guarantee the smooth running of your stay. In this regard, most banks offer payment cards with various services abroad: medical assistance, legal assistance, repatriation etc.

Become familiar with the local culture and language

Before leaving for an internship abroad, you should also think about learning more about your host country, especially in terms of culture and language. If you don't know the local language, or if you want to brush up on the basics before leaving, there are many ways to take lessons, such as hiring a private teacher, doing it through your school or university. As you can imagine, there is often a world of difference from one country to another in terms of traditions. In order not to feel totally out of place and also to facilitate your integration, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the traditions and customs of the country you are about to enter.

Prepare your belongings carefully and anticipate the costs

If this is your first experience abroad, don't forget to pack your bags carefully when the time comes. Take only the bare minimum in your belongings and above all take care to adapt the clothes you choose to the climate of your host country.

Finally, one of the most important things to do before you leave for a foreign country is to make sure that you have a sufficient budget and to calculate it well in order to anticipate the smallest costs. Housing, transportation, food, extras and other daily needs, you must take everything into account so that you do not run out of money, especially during the first few months. You will therefore have to take advantage of the months between your trip and your internship to save money and possibly apply for financial aid.

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