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My experience studying around Europe

Hi guys, I am Daniel from Vietnam! I got Erasmus scholarship for the MSc Tropical Forestry program in 2018 and moved to Dresden, Germany for my first year of studying. Now I am working on my dissertation in the 2nd year at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. So here goes my Erasmus experience.

 A new beginning

For my first time in Europe, I decided to stay in Germany first because it is located in the center of Europe, where I can easy to travel around. And Denmark was my choice for the second year to enlighten myself on the Scandinavian lifestyle which is really famous all over the world. I think it was a clever choice because I could step gradually adapt and stabilize my life in Europe.

Germany attracts a large number of international students, making the student network grow strongly on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It is really important because you can easily get help when you start a new life in a new country and a new continent. So Dresden is located on the east side of Germany where the climate is not too harsh. The cost of living is not very expensive making it a perfect place for me to start my journey in Europe.

Besides, the pre-departure preparation process is also notable, especially in terms of accommodation. I was fortunate enough to have received a lot of help from the secretary of the program as well as the student council of my university. This made it easier for me to register a room in the dorm. I believe this is an excellent place for those who just started living away from home like me. After one semester, you can still stay or also search for offers to move to a shared apartment if you want to experience a new living space. As long as you have a good preparation before departure, the rest will be a great experience from the moment you board the plane to the end of your adventure.

Why the Erasmus programme?

As a mobility program, Erasmus gives you a chance not only to have a great experience of learning and researching but also an opportunity to meet and make friends. In my spare time, I often participate in extracurricular activities, festivals, and parties organized by the student council, it's an effective way to socialize. I am always open to talk and share my time and experience with international students as well as local students. They really gave me a lot of positive energy and also gave me many interesting tips for living and studying abroad. Moreover, being a citizen of a European country and having a resident permit card gives you a chance to travel freely in 27 countries of the Schengen Area.

If you manage your monthly allowance effectively, you will have enough budget to travel around, experiencing the history and culture of European countries. Personally, traveling to new cities and countries has helped me to learn more, thereby increasing my own knowledge and helping me balance life and studies.

Personal Opinion

After nearly 2 years of living in Europe and being a part of Erasmus’s family, I realize that I have changed a lot in a positive way. I travelled more, know more, met, and made new friends that helped me acquire a more diverse perspective on life. Besides, my soft skills have also improved a lot. Now, I can take care of my own life, manage time and money effectively. Especially I can prepare a hearty dinner to invite friends. Erasmus was like a dream to me which made me more wonderful not only in knowledge but also in my lifestyle. For those who are preparing for the Erasmus journey, I want you to take a deep breath and be ready to jump into a whole new world with many exciting Erasmus experiences.

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