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Best Erasmus destinations in Spain

If you want to go on Erasmus to Spain but don’t know which city is best for you, here are the best Erasmus destinations in Spain.

Spain is the most chosen country among Erasmus students. It is not surprising: its quality of life, culture, gastronomy and weather are just some of the reasons that make Spain one of the best countries to do Erasmus.

If you are thinking about doing your Erasmus in Spain, but you still don't know which city is best for you, in this post we will explore the best Erasmus destinations in Spain. Let's go!



As you may already know, Madrid is the capital of the country, and it is one of the most popular destinations in the country among international students. It is a city full of people and with a great cultural offer, so you will always find numerous plans and activities to do, as well as enjoy its incredible gastronomy.

In addition, the capital has a great educational offer, with prestigious public and private universities in practically all branches of knowledge. Some of its most prestigious universities are: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Erasmus in Madrid


Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and is one of the most popular destinations, not only for international students but also for tourists.

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Southern Europe and although it is a big city, you can easily get around by metro. And if you like to party, you'll find a good nightlife scene almost every day of the week, especially in the areas of Eixample, the Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta and the Villa Olímpica.

Like the country's capital, Barcelona has a wide range of cultural activities to offer. Some activities we recommend for Erasmus students in Barcelona are: enjoying some of the city's viewpoints, strolling through Park Güell, climbing the mountain of Montjuic, walking along the Rambla, visiting some of the city's monuments or going out partying in the Paseo Marítimo area.


Valencia is a coastal city located on the Mediterranean coast. If you want to experience Erasmus in Spain to the fullest, Valencia is the perfect destination for you.

Valencia is a mixture of historical and new buildings. In the historic city centre, you can visit the Lonja, the cathedral of Valencia, or the central market, but you can also find the City of Arts and Sciences, one of the most modern buildings in the whole city.

Moreover, you can enjoy the Spanish culture and gastronomy, learn Spanish, go out partying, enjoy the beaches, etc., all of this while enjoying the great weather, as it usually rains very little. In addition, the great student atmosphere in this city makes it one of the favourite destinations for international students.

Valencia landscape


Granada is located in the south of Spain, specifically in Andalusia. In this city, you will find numerous students, national and international. Granada is the city with the highest number of students in Spain, and one of the cheapest cities in Spain, which makes it one of the most popular destinations. Moreover, the University of Granada and the quality of teaching in its faculties is well known throughout Spain.

This Andalusian city has a great cultural and artistic heritage, including La Alhambra. Also, in this city, you will be able to enjoy a lot of tapas in bars, where students usually meet.


Student atmosphere in Seville is very good, as this city receives many international students every year. Therefore, you will find many student parties, especially in the Plaza Alfalfa and the area of Alameda de Hercules.

If you decide to do your Erasmus in Seville, you will be able to know in depth everything that this wonderful city has to offer: such as Plaza España, the Triana neighbourhood, the Giralda, or the Torre del Oro, among many other places. Besides, you get to enjoy the famous Feria de Abril, one of the most important and famous events that take place in this Andalusian city every year.

In summary, its culture, student and nightlife make this city one of the best Erasmus destinations in Spain.


Zaragoza is a medium-sized city (about 700,000 inhabitants), so you will have no problem getting around the city, either on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

It has all the comforts and advantages of big cities like Barcelona or Madrid, but without the hustle, bustle and crowds. In addition, Zaragoza is located relatively close to some of Spain's major cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia. Therefore, one of the main advantages that this destination offers is that you will be able to take advantage of your Erasmus in Zaragoza to get to know the rest of Spain.

Erasmus in Zaragoza


Salamanca is probably one of the best university cities in Spain. It is a small city, but don't be fooled by its size, as almost 20% of the population are students. The university atmosphere in this city is amazing, so you will always have plenty to do. During the day it's a fairly quiet city, but in the evenings there's usually a great nightlife scene, especially on Thursdays, known as "University Thursdays".

Architecture and monuments are everywhere. So much so that in 1988 Salamanca was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, the University of Salamanca is one of the oldest in Europe and has great prestige and a wide academic offer.

Equally, another advantage of doing Erasmus in Salamanca is that it is a much cheaper city than other Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.

This is our list of the best Erasmus destinations in Spain. What do you think? Do you already know which city you would like to go to in Spain? Let us know in the comments!

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