10 reasons to go on Erasmus to Hungary

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Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, this is due to its architectural and cultural wealth. Budapest, the capital of the country, is the best example of this. Hungary may be the perfect place to do an Erasmus. Discover the 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Hungary!

1. Geographic location


Hungary is located in central Europe and is bordered by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. This privileged location will allow you to move easily between neighbouring countries by train. Trips to bordering countries are guaranteed on your Erasmus in Hungary! We recommend you take advantage of it to travel during your mobility.

2. Language

The only official language of Hungary is Hungarian, also known as “Magyar”. Some inhabitants also speak German and English, although Russian is gaining ground after World War II and the new political ties between the two countries.

Hungarian, influenced by Turkish, German and Slavic and Latin languages, can be somewhat confusing. These are some of the expressions in Hungarian that can help you in your day to day:

  • Good morning = "Jó reggelt kívánok"
  • Goodbye/see you later = “Viszlát”
  • Please = “Kérem”
  • Thank you = “Köszönöm”
  • You’re welcome = "Nincs mit"
  • I don’t speak Hungarian = "Nem beszélek hunul"
  • I’m sorry = "Sajnálom

3. Education in Hungary

The duration of university education in Hungary is among the longest in Europe, with a degree program typically lasting between 4 to 6 years. Hungary is known for its excellence in technical fields, and is actively promoting professional education in all disciplines.

Hungarian universities are not consistently ranked among the top universities in the world, but there are a few notable institutions that are highly regarded, such as Eötvös Loránd Budapest University, the University of Szeged, and the University of Pécs.

4. Transport in Hungary

Hungary's central location in Europe makes it an ideal destination for travelling to neighbouring countries. The country has a well-developed railway system, with high-quality trains that connect major cities in Hungary and other European countries.

However, please note that Hungary's border policy can make travel to neighbouring countries a bit more complicated. If you are travelling to Croatia, Serbia, Romania, or Ukraine, you will have to pass through border control. On the other hand, travel to Austria, Slovenia, and Slovakia is more straightforward, as there are no border controls between these countries and Hungary.

Public transport in Hungary

Public transport in Hungary is the cheapest way to get around. In the cities, you will find buses and trams, and the capital of the country, Budapest, also has a metro line.

Trains and buses in Hungary

Hungary is a central point for many trips, and it's not surprising that many routes through Central and Eastern Europe start in Budapest. You can travel with state trains, such as the well-known MÁV, and European trains. Buses are also a good option for moving within the country or travelling to neighbouring countries at an affordable price.

5. Gastronomy in Hungary

Hungarian cuisine is of high quality and is worth exploring during your visit to the country. Although it is not always well-known outside of Hungary, there are many delicious traditional dishes to try, including:

  • Hungarian goulash: which is a popular soup in other European countries. In Hungary, it is usually made of beef with pasta, potatoes or gnocchi.
  • Lángos: the most popular fast food dish in Hungary, lángos is a thin pastry covered in cream, cheese and garlic sauce.
  • Halászlé: it is a traditional fish soup that is seasoned with paprika (usually sweet).
  • Paprikás Csirke: it is chicken in paprika cream and cooking cream, usually served accompanied by gnocchi and eaten as a main dish.
  • Meggyleves: creamy sour cherries soup served cold, this dish can be a dessert although it can also be eaten as a starter.

6. Cost of living in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary is medium and even low. We can say that the capital of the country has somewhat higher prices than other Hungarian destinations, but it is difficult for them to exceed €500-600 per month adding accommodation, basic expenses and leisure.

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7. Party in Hungary

Hungary is a country full of contrasts, where you can find bustling cities with the best Erasmus parties, as well as charming towns that offer a peaceful retreat from the noise and nightlife. On March 15th, Hungary celebrates its National Holiday, and all the inhabitants take to the streets to celebrate. You can join in on the festivities and experience the rich Hungarian culture and traditions firsthand.

The cities with the best offer of bars, clubs and Erasmus parties in Hungary are Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc and Pécs. Live a unique experience in Hungary!

8. Places you must visit in Hungary

Hungary is the quintessential destination in Central Europe. Its culture and historical past have given it the reputation of being one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. Get to know the most visited places in Hungary!

  • Lake Balaton
  • Eger town (where multiple Game of Thrones scenes were filmed)
  • Hortobágy National Park
  • Pécs
  • Caves of Aggtelek
  • Treasure
  • Veszprém
  • Szentendre


9. Main monuments in Hungary

Hungary has an enviable cultural and architectural wealth, Budapest is the most touristic point in the country, but Hungary has many places to discover. You can't miss some of the best monuments in Hungary:

  • Buda Castle in Budapest
  • Hungarian Parliament
  • Esztergom Basilica
  • Outdoor Spas in Budapest
  • Hungarian National Opera
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Chain Bridge
  • Heroes' Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Gyor Town Hall
  • Communist statues in Memento Park


10. Character of the Hungarians

Hungarians are known for their pessimistic nature, something that is attributed to their storied past. The character of the Hungarians is halfway between Scandinavians and Latins. They may come off as somewhat reserved in initial meetings, but they tend to warm up quickly once they get to know you. Overall, Hungarians are known for their hospitality and politeness.


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