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10 Reasons To Do Your Erasmus In Madrid

Madrid leads as the favourite destination for international students in Spain. This is due to different factors that make Madrid an ideal destination for young people to study or stay. So what are the 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Madrid:

1. Language


As a tourist city, most establishments will understand you if you speak English, especially in areas near the city centre and places of interest. However, as a student, making an effort to learn Spanish will be very beneficiary, it is the second most spoken language in the world. It will provide you with the opportunity to interact with a large number of people around the world.

 2. Excellent connection

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is literally located in the centre of the country, so it is easy for you to travel around Spain and discover different places.

It has very good connections by land and air, which allows you to move around the whole peninsula comfortably and at reasonable prices. Taking advantage of your experience as a student to travel to other countries will be easy through the Barajas airport in Madrid, from which there are a lot of destinations all over the world.

3. Culture and gastronomy

The city of Madrid has an extensive cultural history and has the most important museum in Spain (El Museo del Prado), which you can’t miss. There is a wide range of theatres, cinemas, concerts, etc.

Try popular Spanish cuisine like, the typical food of Madrid, the "cocido madrileño" and the tapas that you will find in any typical bar of the area, accompanied by a good beer or local wine.

4. Sport

If you are a sports enthusiast, specifically football, Madrid is your destination city. In this city, you can find two of the best football teams in the world, Real Madrid C.F. and Atlético de Madrid C.F. Enjoy the atmosphere watching a game from the football field. And another option is to take the tour that both clubs offer. You will get to know by first-hand their facilities and the routines of the players when they play a game.

 5. Multicultural city

Madrid is the city with the most inhabitants in all of Spain, mainly because of its large size. This region is home to a large number of companies, which employ millions of people.

The city is full of people from all over the world, who live together in an atmosphere of respect. You will get to know the different ways of life of the people you are surrounded by.

 6. Quality Universities

There is a wide range of studies that develop students both personally and professionally to achieve your goals. Many of the universities have collaboration agreements with large multinational and national companies that that picks interns from them. If you make an effort and learn effectively, you will have the option to stay and become part of the company's staff. The average salary in Madrid is slightly higher than in other Spanish cities, however, the cost of living is also higher.

7. Leisure and university life

This city does not sleep. You can find any activity or alternative plan any day of the week. There are plenty of places to go with your friends for drinks, excursions, museum visits, guided tours and sports activities.

Universities have programs for foreign students who come to the city, to show them the city, get them in touch with other students and make them feel at home. The university atmosphere is very good and this will allow you to meet a lot of people both international and national.

8. Party

For those who love to party with their friends, Madrid is the ideal city. Practically every day of the week bars are open to go out for a drink until 2/3h in the morning. However, the big parties are held from Thursday to Sunday. There are lots of famous discos, with different styles of music to suit all tastes.

One of the most typical parties for university students in Madrid is the San Cemento party, where thousands of university students gather to celebrate the end of their classes. You can't miss it. This is a perk of doing your Erasmus in Madrid.

 9. Places to visit

In Madrid, there is a wide range of emblematic places. To make it easier for you we have made a list of the 8 places to visit in Madrid:

  • Gran Vía

  • Main Square

  • Puerta del Sol

  • Museo del Prado

  • The Retiro Park

  • Royal Palace of Madrid

  • Almudena Cathedral

  • Temple of Debod

10. Wide range of student flats

Madrid receives a lot of students every year and that is why there are so many flats for student rentals.

The prices are quite high compared to other Spanish cities, you need to search and compare in different online platforms. Through Erasmus Play, you can access the whole range of accommodation for students in Madrid, compare the prices of all available accommodation and book the one that best suits your budget.

As incredible as Madrid is, you have to be prepared for its busy and expensive metropolitan lifestyle.

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