Why do Erasmus in Spain?

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Spain is the preferred country for Erasmus students, ahead of Germany, France, United Kingdom, or Italy, among others. Approximately 60,000 Erasmus students choose a Spanish city as their destination. Most of the students are between 20-23 years old and approximately 60% are girls. So, why study Erasmus in Spain?

Below, view why students from all over Europe choose to come to Spain study or do their Erasmus internship.



10 Reasons to go to Spain on an Erasmus

1 Culture and tradition

Spain is a multicultural country, where in the past Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Muslims, Visigoths inhabited. Thanks to this, Spain has a great historical and cultural wealth. You can visit a lot of castles, cathedrals, churches, museums and medieval villages.

In each city, there are traditional festivals on certain dates, which recall historical events, in a fun and pleasant environment. This allows you to enjoy the gastronomy and typical Spanish party surrounded by your friends.

seville spain square

Plaza España, Sevilla


2 Weather

One of the main reasons why students decide to go to Spain is its climate and temperature. The average annual temperature is 25.4°C, it is very pleasant. However, in winter we recommend not to forget your coat, because depending on the destination city it is quite cold.

It has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, 82% of days the sun will be smiling at you. It will literally force you to make a lot of plans outside. Either having a few beers with friends or going out for tapas in the city centre (something very typical in Spain, you'll see!).


3 Cost of living

The standard of living in Spain is considered average, in relation to other European Union countries. This is how Erasmus+ programme classifies it for the ranking of the amount of its grants, know more about how to get your Erasmus grant.

You can do more leisure activities than in other countries with a higher cost of living, you can enjoy your Erasmus experience to its fullness. You have to know that in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona the cost of living is slightly higher. This will influence the cost of accommodation, food and transport, among others.


4 Good education and work experience

Spain has a large number of prestigious universities, many of which allow you to study both in Spanish and English, a great advantage. There is a wide range of studies available that will allow you to grow professionally and apply for more qualified jobs when you finish your university degree.

You can browse here all the Universities in Spain. Spain is also ideal to do your Erasmus internship, most importantly, it has big multinational companies and professionals in different economic sectors that will train you.


5 Parties for university students

Some of the craziest and entertaining parties from all over the world, which you cannot miss, are held every year in Spain. They are impressive parties, where the protagonist is you, your friends, and the great atmosphere that is experienced in the streets. Here is a list of some you don't have to miss:

  • San Fermines (Pamplona)

  • The Gracia festivities (Barcelona)

  • San Cemento (Madrid)

  • Carnivals (Tenerife and Cadiz)

  • Las Fallas (Valencia)

  • The April Fair (Seville)

  • University New Year's Eve (Salamanca)

  • San Pepe (Zaragoza)

san fermin crowd

San Fermin, Pamplona

It is a must to enjoy and be at as many parties as you can. If it is not possible to do so in your Erasmus year, you will have the perfect excuse to return to Spain during the following years of your life.


6 Spaniards

The citizens of Spain, are characterized by their kindness and sympathy, the vast majority of them will be willing to help you with any problem you have. Because they are friendly people and love to have a good time in the company of friends and family, you will be able to engage with young people like you and make lasting friendships for life. Their character is very cheerful since Spaniards see the sun 300 days a year on average, making going out, socializing, and enjoying day-to-day life easier. When you meet them, we are sure you will love them.


7 Leisure and places to visit

Thanks to the climate and temperature, in Spain you can do a lot of leisure activities in the open air (go for tapas and beers, go out to parties, go on routes, visit other Spanish cities, tours, etc.).

Spain has a very peculiar relief, as it has coastal areas, where you can swim and do water sports (surfing, rowing, swimming, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, etc.) and it also has high mountain areas, where you can do sports like climbing, canyoning, ski/snowboarding, hiking, etc. The best area for these activities is the Aragonese Pyrenees, in northern Spain, on the border with France. We recommend that you visit these wonderful places and enjoy their activities and gastronomy.


Canfranc, Huesca. Aragonese Pyrenees


8 Learning Spanish

Another reason to-do Erasmus in Spain is to learn or improve your Spanish. It is the second most spoken language in the world, behind Chinese and ahead of English. Having knowledge of this language will allow you to relate to a greater number of people and increase your value as a professional, your resume will improve significantly and the likelihood of accessing more qualified jobs will be high.


9 International students

As it receives many Erasmus students each year, universities are full of students from other countries like you. You get to interact with people with your same interests and needs in order to help each other adapt to the destination city. There are a lot of activities programmed for incoming students at universities so that you can get to know each other as soon as you arrive and interact easily. Depending on the city you go to, the number of Erasmus students will be higher or lower. Below, we leave you with information about the cities most chosen by Erasmus students (which does not mean that they are the best): Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Valencia, etc.


10 Cheap accommodation

Generally, the prices of student accommodation in Spain are quite affordable, compared to other countries in the European Union. This does not mean that it is easy to find a good quality flat according to your needs (good location, quality contracts, short term contracts, etc.). The prices of the rooms can go from 250 euros in cities like Granada, Seville, and Valencia, to 600 or more, in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. These are the main reasons why students tend to do their Erasmus in Spain and we hope to have helped you decide why you should study Erasmus in Spain too.

To give you an idea of how much your next accommodation in Spain may cost, check the Erasmus Play meta-search engine, where you can find the whole range of student accommodation and compare prices. When you decide on one, you can automatically book it. 

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