Erasmus+ Programme

What is Erasmus? All you need to know

What is Erasmus+?


Erasmus plus is a European Union programme that aims to promote international student exchange between European universities. The main objective is to promote the mobility of the youth (training students, university students, young people on internships, teachers, volunteers, etc.). The following are some Erasmus mobility programme tips.

Erasmus plus scholarship programme allows students to travel to another country for a period of time ranging from 4 months to 9 months, for university students and teachers. Students can choose to go to a different country to study for the first term, second term or the whole academic year, depending on the offer of studies at their home and host Erasmus University.

Why do you have to leave for Erasmus?

Every year, more than 800,000 people throughout Europe decide to participate in Erasmus, but why?

80% of university students who decide to leave Erasmus are between 20-25 years old, they are young with vitality, with a desire to discover unknown places and live a unique Erasmus experience. Here are the top 10 reasons why young people choose to leave for Erasmus:

  1. To learn or improve in a foreign language that they don't master (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc.)

  2. To meet new people from other cultures and countries

  3. Travel around Europe and discovering different countries.

  4. Learn to be on their own, if they haven't had the opportunity to do so before.

  5. Have your own Erasmus accommodation and do things you have never done before.

  6. Go out and party all you want (it's up to you).

  7. Become a citizen of Europe, a promoter of your own country.

  8. Grow personally and professionally.

  9. Improve your CV and have the opportunity to access highly qualified jobs.

  10. Have international friends for life.

Erasmus destination countries

There is a wide range of countries for the Erasmus plus programme, all with different characteristics (Erasmus accommodation prices, lifestyle, language, location, temperature, climate, culture, etc.). Below, is a complete list of all the countries where the Erasmus plus programme is carried out:

Member countries of the European Union:

Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium Finland Latvia Rumania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Cyprus Germany Luxembourg Slovenia
Croatia Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland Poland  

Non-EU countries:

United Kingdom Iceland Liechtenstein Norway
Serbia Turkey Macedonia Switzerland

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Erasmus+ Scholarships

Erasmus plus grants are financial aids received by students from the European Union to cover part of the costs of the programme, such as Erasmus accommodation, transport, studies, etc.

The amount of the Erasmus grant depends on the Erasmus country of origin and the Erasmus country of destination. The Erasmus programme countries are divided into three groups:

Grupo 1 Countries with a higher living expenses Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway
Grupo 2 Countries with an average living expenses Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal
Grupo 3 Countries with a lower cost of living Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia.

Depending on the Erasmus departure country you come from and the Erasmus host country you go to, the total amount will be different. These amounts can range from 170 to 520 euros per month, depending on these parameters mentioned above. You can find the exact amount to be received on the website of your university, in the international relations and/or Erasmus+ programme mobility. We hope these Erasmus mobility programme tips are helpful.

Main statistics of Erasmus mobility

People per year who are doing Erasmus (studies, internships and volunteers):

+ 850,000 Erasmus students per year.

Number of countries visited by an Erasmus student:

At least 3 Erasmus countries.

New friendships made during the Erasmus programme:


Total amount spent on parties and leisure:

Better than your parents don't know.

Number of Erasmus students who recommend the Erasmus+ programme:

100% of the participants of the Erasmus+ programme.

Main recommendations of former Erasmus students:

Don't read statistics, find out for yourself

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