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Video: Erasmus experience in Madrid

Roberta tell us her Erasmus experience in Madrid. Discover why students choose Madrid as one of the most popular host cities for Erasmus.

Are you planning to join Erasmus programme? Erasmus+ is one of the most popular grants among European students. The decision of studying in a new country through a mobility programme might be complicated, but for the vast majority of participants it is an exceptional experience. It will help you to boost independence and maturity, change your environment, live in a foreign country and make new friends. That's why at Erasmus Play we want to bring students to tell us about their Erasmus experience in 5 questions.

In the previous video Reka told us about her Erasmus year in Valencia. Although this year is a different one, marked by the coronavirus crisis, students still get a lot out of their experience.

Erasmus experience in Madrid

This occasion Roberta tells us (in Spanish) how her experience on the Erasmus Traineeship programme in Madrid was. A programme that allows recent graduates and students to obtain work experience in another European country. Unlike Erasmus+ this programme gives you the opportunity to work as a trainee in a new country, so if you have just finished studying and are looking to obtain international experience it is a great programme for you.

In these 5 questions Roberta tells us about her course in Madrid:

  1. What have you studied and at which university?
  2. Which aspect do you like most about Madrid?
  3. What is the typical food? How much does a beer cost?
  4. What has been your best experience?
  5. Have you been able to travel during your Erasmus?

Why choose Madrid for Erasmus?

As Roberta has told us, Madrid is a great host city for a mobility programme. A city that has all the services that a student can imagine and a unique cultural offer. If you fall in love with the city, it also has a wide range of jobs so you can start (or continue) your career in Madrid. We also have our 10 reasons to do Erasmus in Madrid, and you, have you ever been to Madrid? What did you like most in the city?

Tell us in the comment section if you also have spend your Erasmus experience in Madrid and, you have other reasons for choosing the city.

If you have not been to Madrid but have an Erasmus experience you want to share, send us a direct message to our Instagram at @erasmussplay and our team will contact you asap!

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