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Erasmus experience in Valencia by ex-erasmus

Are you still doubting if doing the Erasmus programme is a good idea? Erasmus is one of the most popular scholarships among European students. Making the decision to join a mobility programme can be hard. No everybody is prepared to travel to a foreign country, living with new colleagues or studying in another university. Because of all these reasons, we want to share a real Erasmus experience to tell us how their programme has been in 6 questions.

A program in 6 questions


We have set the challenge of summarising an Erasmus in 6 questions, do you think we will succeed?

1. What did you study and at what university?

The first question when doing an Erasmus must be in which university you have studied. Each University is different and, these changes are more noticeable if they are in different countries. As a result, frequently Erasmus students combine subjects from different degrees. If you have to prepare your learning agreement bear that in many universities you will have a wide range of subjects to study.

2. What is the best thing about your Erasmus city? What did you like the least?

Sometimes students choose a destination just by looking at the country where the university is located. However, it is important to research some information about the city, at Erasmus Play we recommend you if possible, to choose cities with a great university environment, you won't regret it!

3. What is the typical food in the city? How much is a beer in the city?

We all know the bad reputation students have as cooks. Also, as an Erasmus student you will have a unique opportunity to know what the local people eat and to discover the best restaurants in the city. What better way than to get to know the traditional food of your next destination?

4. What is the standard of living?

70% of Erasmus students recognise that the money they receive from the grant only covers half or less of their monthly expenses. The initiative #Erasmus500 seeks a fair grant, that could fit the students' needs. Therefore, it is vital to know the standard of living before choosing your next city.

5. What is your coolest Erasmus experience?

During your Erasmus scholarship you will surely live unforgettable experiences, some of them, you will be able to tell and others not, but for surely you will live a year that will never forget.

6. What trips and visits did you make on your Erasmus?

The Erasmus scholarship is a great opportunity to visit and get to discover new places. You will live in a foreign country in a new city. Try to travel as much as you can to places that you don't know yet and that are more difficult to reach from your origin. Tourism is one of the best parts of the Erasmus experience.

Erasmus experience in Valencia, Spain

In this first video, Réka tells us about her personal experience as an Erasmus student in Valencia studying communication and public relations and international business at ESIC Business and Marketing School.

Why you should choose Erasmus at Valencia

As Réka has told us, Valencia is a great city for those students who are seeking for a big city on the coast but with an affordable standard of living. We also have our 10 reasons to do the Erasmus in Valencia, and you, have you been to Valencia? What did you like most about the city?

Tell us in the comments down below if you have also lived your Erasmus experience in Valencia and you have other reasons for choosing this city as a destination.

If you also want to share your Erasmus experience in our blog, send us a direct message to our Instagram at @erasmussplay and our team will contact you!

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Great post… there are so many things to do in Valencia that you would need 3 blog posts for listing them only. I’m also a former Erasmus student from Valencia and would return with every chance I would get. 🙂

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