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Top 10 Erasmus destinations

Every student who decides to take an Erasmus plus programme asks him/herself the same question, What are the best Erasmus destinations? Choosing an Erasmus destination is probably one of the most complicated decisions every Erasmus student has to make, as the next few months of their lives depend on it. To make things easier for you, the Erasmus Play team has compiled a list of the top 10 Erasmus destinations.

The following list is the result of research and comparison of the major Erasmus student websites.
Depending on your personal characteristics (language you want to learn, the budget you have for your Erasmus accommodation and for your daily life, etc.), you will be able to choose the city/country that best suits your needs.
Let's start!



What's on your mind for your Erasmus, party, socializing with different people, relaxing, and still staying on budget? Well say no more and choose Hungary. This country is characterized by a low/medium cost of living, which will allow you to do a lot of leisure activities at a reasonable price.
The best part of this country is Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a lot of university life and affordable prices, to rent a student flat in Budapest, and to relax in its all known thermal baths.
Perfect location for travelling to neighbouring countries by bus and train such as Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, among others.
The favourite cities for Erasmus students in Hungary are:


One of the best-situated countries, at the epicentre of Europe. This allows students to move to a lot of neighbouring countries easily (Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia).
For beer and food lovers, this is your ideal place. Czechs are the biggest beer consumers in the world, with an average of 145 litres per person per year. You will find all kinds of local delicacies at really affordable prices, not to mention the beer, which is one of the cheapest in Europe.
One of the main barriers is language, but being a country with a wide variety of international students, you will be able to communicate in English with all of them without any problem.
The most important cities for Erasmus students are:


One of the most international countries in the world, as well as the 8th country that receives most Erasmus students every year, its attractive lifestyle and culture is the main reason. Regardless of the fact that their language is Dutch, most people speak fluent English, so it will be a good place to improve and practise your English.

The cost of living in this country is high, so accommodation costs will be higher than in other European countries. Making leisure plans, such as going out for dinner or having a few beers with friends, is practised a lot, it is important to take this into account.
The most important advice that all Erasmus gives to the next students is, with no doubt, to buy a second-hand bicycle as soon as you arrive, since it will allow you to move quickly and economically during the whole stay of your Erasmus.
Interesting cities to do your Erasmus are:


Are you looking forward to make the most of your Erasmus and not worrying about studying too much? Then this is your Erasmus destination. Poland is characterized by being a top country in the list of Erasmus parties, in addition, the atmosphere with other students is wonderful and the cost of life is cheap. Its location and cost of living, allows you to move around Eastern Europe in a very simple and economic way, visiting a lot of interesting places and countries.

Curious about history? Poland will surprise you, as it was a very punished country during the Second World War and has impressive real stories in each of the cities you visit, as well as an infinite number of interesting tours.
It is a freezing country in winter (between -5°C and 0°C), however, the rest of the year its average temperature is 14°C.
Some of the most interesting Erasmus cities in Poland are:


Portugal got a lot of university life in it, characterized by being full of hospitable and kind people, they are very familiar and traditional. Its official language is Portuguese, but most establishments understand both English and Spanish.
The cost of living is average, very similar to that of Spain, however, the cost of Erasmus accommodation will be somehow lower than in the neighbour country, so this is a positive point.
Most visited cities are Lisbon and Porto, however, there are interesting cities to visit like the ones detailed below. Its beaches, an unknown treasure, which we recommend you visit and spend a few days with your friends to relax and party (ex: Algarve).
Cities preferred by Erasmus students:


One of the preferred destinations for Erasmus students, due to its good climate, culture, architecture, and gastronomy. If you love pizza and pasta, this is your Erasmus destination, as this is their speciality with no doubt.
Their official language is Italian, but depending on the universities you can take your classes in English. Regardless, we recommend that you take an intensive Italian language course before you leave for Erasmus, this will help you relate to others and to pass the semester easily.
One of the advantages of this country is its good railway connection between the different Italian cities, which allows you to move around the country comfortably and economically.
The most recommended Erasmus destinations in Italy are the following:


Learning English in Erasmus is essentially one of the main objectives of Erasmus students. UK is ideal for this action, since it allows you to interact with native speakers.
On the contrary, there are negative aspects such as the cost of accommodation and the difficulty in finding one. If you are one of those who likes good weather and seeing the sun every day, you can forget about that, since it rains most days and the sky is cloudy.
As an interesting point, you should know that there is a great offer of cheap flights to the rest of Europe, which allows you to move around comfortably. One of the greenest parties in the world is celebrated in March in Dublin, known as St. Patrick Day.
Some of the most interesting cities in the UK are:


French language and culture are the key reasons why students decide to go on an Erasmus to this country. Paris is one of the most important and modern European cities in terms of fashion, gastronomy, and art.
If you are passionate about the Second World War, it is a must to visit the famous Normandy, a moving place full of history, which you will remember all your life.

For wine lovers, Bordeaux will be a paradise for you, as it offers great tourist alternatives and is characterized by the great quality of its vineyards.
In June the Tour, a professional cycling tour by stages, is held throughout France, undoubtedly one of the most important in the world.
Among the cities preferred by Erasmus students are:


It is the second country that receives more students every year and this is due to the great amount of prestigious Universities that exist in this country. The great atmosphere in big cities like Berlin and Frankfurt is a great attraction for international students. In addition, the location is perfect to move to other European countries easily by bus, train, or plane.
The cost of living is among the highest for Erasmus students, however, this aspect is compensated with other positive aspects such as student's multicultural life (to practice both German and English), the good beer, and the unforgettable Oktoberfest that takes place every year in September and October.

This makes it the second on the top 10 Erasmus destinations.
The following are some of the most popular German Erasmus cities for international students:


The most preferred by Erasmus students. Spain receives most of Erasmus students at its universities. Each year Spain receives a total of 60,000 Erasmus students from all over Europe.
Above all, the main reasons are good climate (sun, sun and more sun), lifestyle, prices of accommodation, customs ("tapas and cañas with friends"), culture, party and friendliness of the Spanish people, among others.

Going to Spain as an Erasmus student is an incredible opportunity to learn Spanish by interacting with Spanish students and Erasmus students. Moreover, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, so it will be very good for your CV in the future. Find out the 10 reasons why students decide to go on Erasmus to Spain
Below you can find a breakdown of the Spanish cities preferred by Erasmus students:

In conclusion, this sums up the list of the top 10 Erasmus destinations. Is your Erasmus destination in the top ten?

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