The student housing search engine, begins its expansion in Europe

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Erasmus Play is the first comparison site for student accommodation that works hand in hand with Universities. The main objective of Erasmus Play is to accompany students during their experience.
This experience begins with the search for accommodation, one of the main problems students who decide to study in different cities face. Erasmus Play came to life to avoid housing ever being an issue for student mobility. Student housing in Europe made easy.

What is Erasmus Play?


Erasmus Play is a student housing search engine, available to young people from all over the world. Through its website, students can quickly compare all available accommodation in a given city. With just one click, Erasmus Play allows you to compare a wide range of apartments for rent, rooms, coliving and student residences from the major online accommodation platforms around the world.

Erasmus in Europe

In which countries is it available?

Currently, the platform is present in more than 20 European countries. Erasmus Play is able to compare accommodations in the main European University cities, most demanded cities by students.
The short-term objective is to increase the number of accommodations and thus be able to cover most Erasmus destinations throughout Europe. With only 4 months of life, the platform aggregates more than 120,000 student housing spread throughout Europe .

Why Erasmus Play?

Erasmus Play was created as a solution to a problem that thousands of students from all over the world go through every year. The very founding team of Erasmus Play had real difficulties in finding accommodation when they left for their Erasmus. This was the main reason why this initiative was launched.
The vision of Erasmus Play is to become the reference platform for all students looking for accommodation anywhere in the world.

How does Erasmus Play work?

Erasmus Play is a platform that allows you to compare the entire accommodation offer in a certain city, completely FREE , just like “Skyscanner” does with flights.
But how does the platform really work? We cannot explain it to you in words… It is better for you discover it by yourself!


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