Save money as a student in 2024, 10 ways to get it

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Are you a student and don't know how to save money? Have you just started your Erasmus in a new city and the money just goes through your fingers? Well, take a pen and paper and write down these 10 ways to save money as a student in 2022 without any hard sacrifices.

We are going to review each key aspect of a students’ day today and we will tell you where it is worth cutting off expenses or directly, not spending more.

1. How to save money on transport


Now that you are on Erasmus, it is very likely that you want to travel and see other cities. Or that, due to circumstances, you live far from your faculty and have to use transportation.
Whatever you might need transportation for, it is an aspect of our day to day in which we can spend the most without realizing it since it does not involve large daily amounts. So take note:

1.1 Use public transport and student transport passes.

Whenever you can, use public transport, both to move within the city, and to move to other places. In addition to the fact that public transport is cheaper in itself, there are student transport passes that make it even cheaper. Do not hesitate to go to the bus, train, metro or tram station and ask about these options.

How to save money on transport

How to save money on transport

1.2 Use car-sharing platforms.

Depending on where you are or where you want to go, combinations of public transport are minimal or non-existent. In these cases, you have no choice but to take a car. But do you know the costs involved? Gasoline, parking, insurance, maintenance ... etc.
If this is your case, do not despair. Sharing your car, reduces expenses and keeps you saving. You can use car-sharing platforms or talk with other friends and classmates to share your car and split gas costs.

1.3 Look for a well-located apartment.

The best way to save as a student is by not spending. It seems obvious, but there are many times that we do not correctly value this phrase. Therefore, when you start looking for a flat, try to find one as close as possible to the places of your day to day life, such as the faculty, a supermarket or a cafeteria. Find the best neighbourhoods to live in according to your lifestyle.
With a well-located accommodation that avoids you using transport public every day, you will be saving as a student, without making any sacrifice.
You might be thinking that it is an insignificant saving, but if you add up at the end of the month you will see that a little extra money comes out. And wait, we still haven't finished telling you how to save as a student ...

2. How to save money on housing

To save money as a student, the second key aspect is housing. And the most effective way is to share a flat with other students. We are not going to talk about university residences or any other type of accommodation, since these options are more expensive. They may include other things, such as a dining room service, cleaning ... etc. But they are things you don't necessarily need. You can do your own shopping, cooking or cleaning, and save that little money to do whatever you want.
Verified accommodation comparators for students like Erasmus Play, will help you find shared flats with other students, comparing the prices offered by different websites for the same flat so that you can rent what you like at the best price.

How to save money on housing

How to save money on housing

3. Look for the offers in the supermarket and take a container.

Continuing with the above, plan your weekly meal, go shopping with a list and stick to it. With this trick, you will not be able to put products in the cart on impulse or "just in case I feel like it ..." and buy more than necessary. Take advantage of the offers and buy in large quantities. With large quantities, we mean taking advantage of 3x2 offers or familiar packaging. When it comes to buying fresh products, look for local and seasonal products, as these tend to be cheaper. And finally, dispense with brands and buy white labels.
If you have to eat away from home, for example, at the university, take a container with the prepared food. This way you will avoid having to go to a restaurant to eat every day and you will save as a student more than you imagine.

4. How to save money on leisure.

This is where we wanted to land, how to save as a student while going to the movies, eating at a restaurant or going out for a drink. Many will think that this is impossible, but no.

4.1 Use your university student card

Being a student has a great advantage: “the university student card”. It is that little card that they give us as a university student and that we rarely think of using.
There are many discounts that you can access with your student card, so take advantage of them at the cinema, in restaurants, cafeterias... etc. Whatever type of purchase you are going to make, ask if there is any type of discount with the student card.
There are also many applications for restaurants or to get movie or concert tickets that offer a discount simply for having it downloaded to your phone or being subscribed to their newsletter. Browse and find out what type of applications are available to keep saving as a student.

4.2 Free events in your Erasmus city.

Yes, yes, what you read. In many towns and cities, free events are organized: visits to museums, plays, concerts, movie afternoons in the original version ... find out about all the events that are organized in your new Erasmus city. You will be surprised by the number of free events that are organized which were to continue saving as a student.

How to save money on leisure

How to save money on leisure

5. How to save money on studies

And the last aspect in which we can save as students and no less important is in studies. Here it is important to note that these tips will help you save without sacrificing quality in your studies.

5.1 Use free programs.

It is more than likely that during your studies you will have to do work with word processors, spreadsheets ... etc. The problem is that most of these programs, or rather the better-known ones like Microsoft's Office suite, are paid. Here you should know a couple of things. One is that more and more educational institutions offer free licenses for their students, ask about this option at your university. And the second is that Google offers several similar programs for free. If you have a Gmail account, investigate all its options and you will find endless free applications that can help you.

5.2 Pick up books in the library

Before buying a book, go to the public library of the city or one of the same universities and look for the book you need. You will likely find it there, and you can save that little money.

5.3 Invest time looking for scholarships to study.

This is another aspect that, in general, is not being used as much as it should be. Many times we stay with the best-known scholarships, such as Erasmus, but we do not continue delving into others, which would also help us to continue studying in another country. Ask your university about all the scholarships that are offered, surf the internet and spend time looking for them. Sometimes they are not so visible.

And yes, the word is to invest, because the time dedicated, will allow you to save for example in the tuition of your studies, but it will also give you a reputation as a scholarship student.

One portal that we would like to recommend is Becas Santander. It offers an infinity of programs for different profiles, so we encourage you to take a look.

With all these tips we hope to have helped you understand how to save as a student, without having to make great sacrifices or deprive yourself of many things.

Would you give us any other advice? Leave it in the comments!

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