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10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Valencia

Valencia is an ideal city to do the Erasmus. Thousands of students choose this wonderful city as their destination because of all the advantages of studying in one of its prestigious universities. For this reason, we are going to explain the main characteristics of the city, as well as all the advantages of studying in Valencia. See our top 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Valencia:

 1. Language


The official language of the city of Valencia is Spanish, however, the traditional Valencian language is widely spoken among its native inhabitants. This is not a problem for you, as they only speak among themselves and in very rare situations, generally, they speak in Spanish. It will allow you to learn or improve your level of Spanish easily. In very touristic places English is also spoken.

 2. Beach

In the second place, one of the main reasons for going to study in Valencia is its good location. It is a coastal city, with long kilometres of beach to enjoy every day. In general, the temperature is pleasant all year round and in summer it is warm, don´t forget to bring a towel and swimsuit to enjoy the sea and sand with your new friends.

 3. Gastronomy

Valencia is characterized by having a very healthy diet, in particular, the Mediterranean diet (olive oil, vegetables, fish, etc.). Without any doubt, the most typical dish you can eat and which also represents Spain all over the world will be the Valencian paella. The most characteristic ingredients of this paella are: free-range chicken, rabbit, green beans, snails and rice. You will love eating a good paella, sitting on a terrace by the sea, drinking a good wine.

Valencian paella

4. Sports and activities

If you like sport, Valencia gives you a fabulous opportunity to continue practising it every day. Due to its location, you will be able to practice water sports through sports clubs and/or university. In case you are not much of a water person, don't worry, there are many other variations such as football, basketball, tennis, paddle tennis, etc. to practice with your friends in different facilities.

As soon as you arrive, ask your university for information about the places closest to your location and find out about the prices, you have a lot on offer, so you can choose the places you like best.

 5. Student city

In the fifth place, Valencia is a city with a large number of both international and national students. Many Spanish students choose Valencia as a destination because of its good location (sun and beach) and the wide range of studies available at the universities. Therefore, if you choose Valencia as a destination, you will have the opportunity to meet students from all regions of Spain, as well as international students.

 6. Quality Universities

Spanish students decide to go to Valencia to study due to the wide range of studies and quality offered by Valencian universities. There are several universities and faculties depending on the degree you choose, you need to know your faculty’s location is as they are not in the same area.

 7. Leisure and university life

In Valencia, there are student associations that make it possible to hold events for international students every year. There are events of all kinds, such as excursions to interesting places, outdoor activities, sports leisure, parties, etc.

A great student atmosphere can be felt all around, which will allow you to interact with other students like you in the faculty, wherever you choose to study.

 8. Party

If you are a student who likes to party with your friends, you will love Valencia. There are wonderful discos on the beach, where you can enjoy the good atmosphere all day long. In addition, every month there are countless parties dedicated to university students and in particular international students.

One of the most typical fiestas in Valencia, and one you can't miss, is Las Fallas, which is held at the March. It is a traditional Valencian festival with a lot of atmosphere in the streets and throughout the day and night. At the end of the week of festivities, all the fallas (impressive colourful structures) are burned in the street. In case you are afraid of firecrackers, protect your ears, as firecrackers are continually being thrown in the streets throughout the week of the festival. This ranks very high as to why to do Erasmus in Valencia.

Valencian Falles

9. Places to visit

In Valencia you can visit a lot of interesting places. To make it easier for you we have made a list of the 9 places to visit in Valencia:

  • City of Arts and Sciences
  • Central Market
  • Virgin Square
  • The church of San Nicolás
  • The Cathedral and the Miguelete
  • The towers of Serranos
  • North Station
  • The Plaza Redonda
  • Turia park

10. Wide range of student flats

The 10th reasons to do your Erasmus in Valencia. Valencia receives a lot of international and national students every year and that is why there are a lot of apartments for student rent, at reasonable prices.

Depending on the University or faculty where you study, it is recommendable to search and compare on different online platforms and different locations in the city.

Through Erasmus Play, you can access the whole range of accommodation for students in Valencia, compare the prices of all online platforms and book the one that best suits your budget and location.

In conclusion, these are the 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Valencia. Which one convince you more to consider Valencia as your Erasmus destination? Let us know.

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