How to find internships abroad?

Carrying out internships abroad are a great opportunity to gain experience, putting into practice everything you learned during your studies and acquire different interpersonal and social skills. However, in order to find internships abroad you must be prepared as it is not an easy task.

Thats why you came across this post, you might be asking yourself: How can I do an internship abroad in a top company? In this post, we explain everything you need to know about doing internships, whether you are a student or a recent graduate.

Erasmus internships


You might have heard of the Erasmus program to study abroad. This program also allows you to do international internships in companies, training centres, research centres or other organizations abroad. This is known as Erasmus Practices and it is aimed at students or recent graduates.

Requirements for Erasmus internships

To participate in the Erasmus+ internships, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in any of these options; either undergraduate or postgraduate, during the application and internship period.
  • Be a national citizen of any country in the European Union or prove your residence permit in one of the countries participating in the Erasmus program.
  • Justify that you have the required level of the language you will use during your internship program. This is usually done through a level test and you must prove a B1 level.
  • Be accepted by a company or institution to be able to carry out an international internship, and not having previously received a scholarship to carry out internships in a company as a university student.

Another aspect that you must take into account is the duration of the internship. Erasmus internships can last between 2 and 12 months, as long as they fall within the same academic year, except for medicine and architecture studies.

As for economic aid, the amount of aid will be approximately between 300-400 euros, depending on the country of destination and origin. However, civil liability insurance, accidents and basic health coverage are not borne by the university. You can carry out your internships in more than 30 countries, both in European Union member countries and in others (Turkey, Norway, etc.).

Search for companies for internships

This is the most tedious part since it requires some effort on your part and you will have to be quite active in the search for a company or organization. Regardless, the easiest way to find internships abroad is to look for Erasmus internships through your university since the universities have an internship exchange where you can consult the available offers.

Nonetheless, you can also search for internships on your own, through companies or intermediary agencies that are dedicated to searching for internships in companies abroad. You can find such companies and internships on the Erasmus Internship platform.

Accommodation during the internship

Once you find an internship and know what your destination will be, you will have to look for accommodation. In Erasmus Play you can search and compare flats, rooms or residences quickly and easily, in any city.

Find internships for undergraduates

Internships for students in companies

Another great alternative to find internships abroad are the specific internship websites. If you are going on Erasmus as a student, it involves quite a high expense, especially depending on the country you choose to go to. Therefore, an interesting option would be for you to do an internship instead before going to your Erasmus to study.

This will allow you to gain work experience, but also save extra money that will help you support yourself during all the months you are going to study abroad. If you think it might be difficult for you to combine your studies and work due to lack of time, you can work, for example, during the summer before your stay.

Above all, the best option is to go to a job portal for young students, as this will be much easier to find an internship there, whether or not you have previous experience. For instance, you can search for internships on StudentJob, where they will help you find a job or internship among hundreds of available offers.

You will be able to look for internships in the city you want since they are available in many cities: Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona are just some of the cities where you can do internships. Therefore, If you need to look for accommodation to do your internship, remember to do it in advance to find the best rooms and flats for students in cities like Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona.


In conclusion, these are the main aspects you should know if you want to do internships as a student. We hope this post has been useful to you. You can send us your experience doing internships, we will be happy to publish them to help more students who need it.

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