Being an Erasmus student in Lublin by Fatih from Turkey

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Hello to all, this is Fatih, I’m from Turkey. I am currently studying telecommunication engineering related to 5G and I have been able to do Erasmus in 3 different cities and countries. Today I share with you my experience of being an Erasmus student in Lublin, Poland. I hope you can pick up a thing or two about it and it helps you either on your decision to do your Erasmus here or tips to make your life easier. Let's jump into it.

Each city in which I did my Erasmus had its own challenges and each one is unique on its own. Any Erasmus student will tell you that no matter how similar some cities may be each Erasmus is unique and you just keep on learning more and more from every place and everyone. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and encourage you to do as many Erasmus as you can, more importantly, do an Erasmus.

Student lifestyle in Lublin


Lublin is a student city which can be found in west Polonia, very close to Ukraine. In this student city, you can meet a lot of young people. There are a whole lot of clubs, restaurants and cafes where you can go to and have fun. The opportunity to go to nightclubs, enjoy the nightlife, dance, listen to music and drink something is always there, this makes Lublin a very fun city to be in. You can find a lot of international students, therefore, you can contribute to each other, learn and discover new things.

Must-see sites in Lublin

It is a must to visit Lublin castle, Cracow gate and walk in the bramowa street and try the delicious ice cream they have.

Finding student housing in Lublin

I ended up living in a house very close to the campus at an affordable price. I lived with 3 people in a very small room that was really difficult and bad. When looking for a place, always search in advance and try to find at least a private room big enough for you. I suggest that before you chose your accommodation, check to see if the place is in a good location. Lublin can be considered a cheap city in comparison to the other cities I have been in. My student accommodation rent in Lublin took at least 1/3 of my scholarship grant per month. This was the best-case scenario since I could live on the remaining 2/3 to eat, live and some leisure.

Livelihood in Lublin

it was difficult for me to communicate with Polish people because they only speak Polish. However, because of the student atmosphere, it holds you will soon meet many other students in your situation which creates an immediate bond. Erasmus coordinators were always there to assist me in all I needed, so I will recommend you to ask them about any doubts or questions you might have, they were very helpful when I needed it the most.

Where did you travel to from Lublin as a student?

I took the opportunity of living in Lublin and travelled to so many places during this Erasmus. Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and Macedonia were the places I went to on my first trip. On my second trip, I did Norway, Denmark and Germany. To me, Lublin is very well located which made travelling to other countries and cities easy and fast.

Cost of living in Lublin for international students.

My rent took 1/3 of my Erasmus grant per month. The remaining 2/3 of my grant was enough for me for general expenses and social life. In Poland, Zloty- Euro conversion was an advantage for me, I got more Polish Zloty's out of my few €.

Erasmus parties in Lublin

There are so many nightclubs where you can enjoy every time in different places. I had so much fun in clubs, being a university city a lot of students were out to party and Polish people like to party too. They were perfect and memorable days. You can enter some clubs without any sort of payment. You can follow the social media account of clubs and get more details before about each party day. Also, there are Erasmus nights which are organized several times to bring international students together for socializing.

Many Erasmus organizations helped us to meet up and participate in cultural activities and so on. I was able to attend some polish night parties, watch their traditional dance and saw the customs of dancers. We also tasted food from other countries and learn more about their lifestyle and culture. You can try potato pancakes there, I never had one before, but now because of being an Erasmus student in Lublin, I can say I have.

Public transportation

I did not use transportation in Lublin so much because everything was pretty close. The normal 30-minute ticket costs 3.20 zł and the reduced one 1.60zloty. In a non-speaking English country and therefore any country in which you don't speak their language, it was a different experience in the street, however during the class hours, I was taught in English and I got to improve my English. I learnt so much technical and social networking there.

Lublin is quite a small city and I wouldn't change my experience there for anything. So this is what being an Erasmus student in Lublin was for me.

I hope my experience might have been of help to you. I hope you get to enjoy yours and share your Erasmus experience here too for others to learn from you.


Faruk · May 31, 2021 at 4:20 pm

Congrats Fatih. This is such a big achievement for you and crystal clear for me to decide about countries which is better actually.

Şahsettin Koç · May 31, 2021 at 5:28 pm

Çok gururlandım.
Herkesin hayalini gerçekleştirmeyi başarmışsın.
Allah bu deneyimlerini ülkemiz yararına kullanman dileğiyle…
Gözlerinden öpüyorum ❤️

Teknik Informatika · January 24, 2024 at 4:32 am

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