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How can I become an Erasmus intern

The Erasmus programme is one of the most successful mobility programmes for students in Europe, but did you know that you can also become a trainee as Erasmus intern?

The Erasmus programme is one of the most successful mobility programmes for students in Europe. Usually, students who are near to finish their studies decide to study in another European country for a few months. However, some students, either because they had not the opportunity to do so or because they liked the experience so much, they decided to participate during their master's studies. We usually associate Erasmus with studying, but the education is not complete yet, did you know that you can also become a trainee as Erasmus intern?

Why Erasmus intern?


If you are finishing your studies, you may find it very interesting to do an internship in a foreign country. You will experience what it is like to be an Erasmus and all the advantages that the programme offers you.

A new environment

The Erasmus Trainee program is a great opportunity to boost your ability to adapt to a completely new environment. Working in a foreign country, in a non-native language and surrounded by new colleagues, may sound a little bit stressing, but it's totally worth it. Once you're there, you'll adapt quickly and be highly valued in the work environment.

Learning or improving a foreign language

Is there a better way to learn a language than to live with native speakers? Surely, no. Erasmus Traineeship programme will force you to deal with native speakers on a daily basis. Please note that it does not mean that you will be working in a language that you do not know. The companies that accept trainees should include the languages required in their offer. A large part of offer only will only require English to work. The most positive of being a trainee is that you will share a lot of time with your colleagues, so you can learn from a native speaker.

Boosting your social and interpersonal skills

You will find yourself in a new situation, in a foreign country, you will have responsibilities and obligations that you did not have before. This pressure is often a great incentive for young people. They use this experience to gain maturity and independence, as well as the responsibility acquired when starting to work.

In this situation, where everything seems new to you, you will be in a state of alarm, in which you are constantly trying to do your best. In addition to learning about your work, you will also be improving your social skills. Such as understanding how to think and cooperate with other cultures, managing relationships, showing respect and a good work attitude and listening carefully to all your colleagues.

What is the Erasmus Traineeship programme?

The Erasmus+ programme offers grants to students at Bachelor and Master levels to undertake practical training abroad, as Erasmus intern, which can be combined with a period of study.

Internships must last a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12, and multiple exchanges are possible. As long as the 12-month limit is not exceeded, in each cycle of study. In cases such as medicine and architecture, we have the exception, and do allow up to 24 months of internship.

The conditions of the programme are simple. You must do an internship in a company based in an Erasmus+ programme country and the internship must be in a field that is related to the student's degree and if possible, that is on their study programme.

Working like a boss cup

How and where do I find offers?

The easiest way to do a placement on the Erasmus+ programme is through your university. To do this, you should consult the responsible of the mobility programmes like any other Erasmus student. Universities also have an internship exchange board where you can find the available offers.

If you prefer not to depend on the university and to look for something that best suits your interests. There are many platforms that connect these students with companies. The main advantage of these platforms is that all their offers are made for mobility students so, both requirements and tasks are adapted to your capabilities. You will also be able to quickly get job offers and know if the company's mission and position are aligned with your interests and also the city where the job is located.

There is a third way in which you can find a company to do an Erasmus internship. It is the most demanding but possibly the most rewarding. Search on social networks such as Linkedin or the opportunities sections of the websites of the companies you are interested in and contact them directly. You must understand that some of them will not be willing to accept your proposal, however, the mentality in companies is increasingly open, if you give them a great presentation you can be sure that companies will be willing to give you an opportunity!

If you are lucky and you already have found you trainee opportunity, but you are still missing a place to live, Erasmus Play can help you to search and compare student accommodation

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