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My Erasmus experience in Luxembourg as an intern

If you are looking for a multilingual and multicultural city, then Luxembourg is your place. This city/country offers a fun and active student life no matter what you are looking for. It is one of the safest counties in Europe, an interesting fact, more than half of its population are international people, not nationals. There are over 170 different nationalities living in this country. All this made my Erasmus experience in Luxembourg an entertaining one.

What was your Erasmus in Luxembourg about?


I did one of my Erasmus internships in Luxembourg. It was during the summer so unfortunately there were not so many students around or in the building I stayed in nor on campus. For this reason, I couldn't meet many different people studying or doing their internships in Luxembourg, so much it was quite calm in some way.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make the best out of the situation, so I had to put myself out there to meet locals and other international people that were not students. Once I gave in to this idea that I was going to have fun no matter what, I started enjoying going outdoors. I went to parks to meet new people, partake in activities with them, go to concerts with people I met on the way. If there is something Luxembourg has most of, they are definitely parks. Every corner of the city, every street will lead you to a park with amazing green nature, pure oxygen for your lungs, I went a lot to one of the most know parks, Luna Park.

What about the food in Luxembourg?

I fell in love with Luxembourg cuIsine quickly and enjoy it to the best of my capability during my Erasmus internship there. They are really good at macaroni, fish and special desserts. You can try F’rell am Reisleck (trout in Reiesling Sauce), gromperekichelcher (sweet potato) and quetschentaart.

F’rell am Reisleck & Sweet potato Gromperekichelcher

How was your internship stay in Luxembourg?

My intern was intensive. There was a lot to learn, grasp, understand, work to be done so I was busy at work. But that didn't stop me from enjoying my stay in this small city/country haha. In Luxembourg no matter the season, there are lots of outdoor activity that you can attend, from going out to watch a film, attending concerts and visiting the exhibitions on the streets.

I work closely with a professor and although there was a lot to be done, I couldn't have asked for a better internship. It was a really good experience for me. I improved myself by implementing the engineering techniques I learned and also improved my technical English mostly.

Regarding accommodation in Luxembourg, living in the centre of the city is quite expensive, so I  would suggest you if you don’t have any financial problem. You can live near the city centre to enjoy the environment more. But it will be difficult to meet with your friends near campus also. Your choice!

How is Luxembourg's culture?

People are so kind in Luxembourg, there are lots of people who come from other countries. This means that most people are going to understand the situation you are in, they are always willing to lend a helping hand. There are a lot of traffic jams due to the fact that Luxembourg is located in the middle of Belgium, France and Germany. There are a lot of transitions going on from one country to the other. The best transportation system you can use is the train, it is quick easy to catch and no traffic jams there. Also for student transportation is free, the municipality was trying to do all free for people when I was there to reduce the traffic problem but I don't know if they got it done.

Did you visit other countries from Luxembourg?

During my Erasmus experience in Luxembourg, I travelled to Portugal, Italy and Spain after my internship ended. I like Venice, Barcelona and Lisbon. You will love it. I highly recommend all of them. If you prepare in advance, you can catch very cheap flights from Luxembourg to many European cities. It has its own airport and as it is in the middle of Europe there is a flight to almost anywhere.

Must see places in Luxembourg

You must go to the Adolphe bridge,  walk-in rue Chimay for window shopping if you have the money you can enjoy in luxury shops. Take a free panoramic elevator and see the old town. The old town is really amazing and a must see site, I adore the architecture of the buildings.

The city is like in two different height levels, there are public elevators where you can go from one height to the other with a lot of ease.

So there you go, my Erasmus experience in Luxembourg. I hope I didn't bore you and you learned something from my experience. It is a charming city and you will love it either it is a week visit or an academic stay.

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