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Why you have to share your Erasmus experience?!

Hola everyone. My name is Andreea and, I'll share with you a small piece of my experience together with fascinating insights about Erasmus in Spain + few recommendations.

Although it is hard to describe an Erasmus experience, there is no better feeling than to share your experience. First, because it brings back all those good memories, and second because you can inspire future students.

Get a "piece of my experience"


Here is where I will try to sound smart: "I always say that becoming Erasmus is like landing in a new place filled with knowledge. What is special about it is that you will be assimilating all that knowledge while living your dream." Did it work? Does it sound good? 😀

Ok. Back to the point. The experience actually changed me in all kinds of ways. I am Romanian, went full time to university in Denmark, and from Denmark, I went to Erasmus in Spain. I wasn't rich, but I got involved in some Erasmus organizations that brought me so many benefits. I became a PR and organizer of events in Valencia. All of a sudden, I was traveling to Ibiza, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona and, so many other beautiful places for free. I was doing exactly what I loved: talking and taking care of people while having fun with them at the same time.

Erasmus night in Valencia

Erasmus night in the beach

Why Erasmus in Spain?!

Due to my job, after my Erasmus, I have continued my practical placement also in Valencia. I have traveled a lot before, but to me, there is no better company than Spanish people. They know how to enjoy life every day of the week, week of the month, and so on.

I have a family there that I can always go back to. I have friends for a lifetime that I keep in contact with. The experience teaches you so many lessons. Even if you would go through hell, Spanish people will still keep that smile on your face.

Why am I sharing my story?!

Just so you know, I am an old lady who had this experience 6 years ago. For you to see the huge impact it had on me, I decided to create a storytelling platform for Erasmus students. (where experienced students can help the future generation) Therefore, I strongly recommend everyone to share their story...on this platform or any other, you prefer. Have fun, bring back memories, and maybe inspire others through your story. "

More insights

In case you want more tips, I wrote an ebook for students called" I wish I knew before Erasmus". You can find that on my website at



You will find Erasmus Play between my tips, as it sure is a reliable platform that helps you find the right "Erasmus home" for yourself. This is an option that I didn't have but it would have helped a lot!

Now to conclude, here are my advice for your future journey:

  1. Have as much fun as you can!
  2. Find the right balance between parties and deadlines
  3. Don't be afraid by the times we are living in. Erasmus students will always find a way to partner up and have fun. (even on skype)
  4. Share your stories!!!

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Andreea · October 11, 2020 at 9:29 pm

Thank you so much for sharing my story. Can’t wait to read more stories on your blog. 🙂 <3

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