Dos and Don’t of a student resume

In every student’s life there always comes a time when they must prepare their first resume or curriculum vitae (CV). A moment when everybody feels totally lost and overwhelmed. This post will you learn how to survive to your first resume.

In every student's life there always comes a time when they must prepare their first resume or curriculum vitae (CV). A moment when everybody feels totally lost and overwhelmed. Too many questions arise so quickly: how do you write a CV, what format should I use or what information do I put if I don't have experience. Don't worry writing a student resume has never been so easy!

This post will advise you on how to survive your first CV. Students who are writing their first resume can use this a guide and even those who want to improve theirs can use it too. Whether you want to continue studying or prefer to find a job, you will learn how to make a resume for students (and workers also!). Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts for any student resume.

Focus on your goal and highlight your strengths


The first step to drafting a good resume is to select your objective. Although you may have a generic resume as a template, recruiters will read your CV for a position. If you want to fit that role, you should look like the ideal person for it. The content and even the presentation of the CV should change depending on what your goal is. Whether it is to work for a promising Start-up that requires energy and adaptive capabilities, to a very specific role in a multinational company or if you want to apply for a scholarship to do a doctorate at the University, your resume must be aligned with this goal.

There is no need to worry if you still don't have experience and don't know what to say on your student resume, whoever is going to read it is not expecting to find a wide professional career. You should include your studies in a very descriptive and easy to understand way, highlighting the points that match the role's requirements. If you have found a job offer that you like, do some research about its requirements and the tasks that you would carry out. That information must be visible in your CV. So, if you have studied a similar subject or you have worked on it, highlight it. That is one of the best strength you have for the role, and recruiters must know it.

Creativity is rewarded

When human resources department publishes an attractive job offer, they know they will receive hundreds of resumes. If you want to stand out, you have to be creative. The presentation of a student resume is even more important than its content. If you present a boring document, full of text, you will probably be discarded. Going through all these CVs is a hard task for HR, think about a presentation that will definitely catch the eye of the audience, in this case, HR.

Being creative is not about adding colours or a crazy design. Your resume presentation is a great tool to get their attention, but the content will have to meet their expectations. A clear and well-explained content will match what they are looking for. Our advice is to follow other examples and templates. Then, give them a personal touch, make your CV unique!

Recruiters checking a resume

5 Tips that never fail

Now here are 5 tips that never fail when writing either a resume for a student or any professional.

1. Format varies in every country

Adapt your resume depending on the country you are addressing for the position. For example, in countries such as France, Germany or Spain, your photograph is usually included in the upper left-hand corner of the resume; if your resume is addressed to UK or USA, you should remove it.

2. Text must be clear and simple

Although you may think academic information is very important, it is not all that is needed. Anyone who reads it should be able to understand it. Companies are integrated by a wide variety of roles, you never know who is reading your CV. Also, you should add additional information such as relevant skills, foreign language level or if you have a driving licence.

3. Adapt the design to each opportunity

The design of the CV is an abstract way of communicating and must be aligned with your interests and objectives. If you are a young designer your CV is the perfect opportunity to show your art. If you want to apply for an executive position you should have to show a sober, elegant design. The design reflects your personality and you must use it as an opportunity to show the personal skills that are needed in the position.

4. Talk about your personality

When a student writes their first CV they may think that their hobbies are not important, but they couldn't be more wrong. Include your hobbies and any volunteer work if you have done some. This information will be used by recruiters to know if you will fit into their team.

5. Don't neglect your image

Believe it or not, the world is smaller than it seems and people change their role so often. Try to make a good impression, even if you are not selected for a position, be comprehensive and polite. The person who discarded you tomorrow may be the same person who gives you another opportunity tomorrow.

Tools to create your resume

To create a nice and elegant Curriculum Vitae there are different tools that will help us to do it quickly and easy. Here are some of the tools to be used, choose the one that better suits you.

1. PowerPoint and Google Slides templates

There are templates created to make your CV with PowerPoint or Google Slides, in which you only have to fill in your information. You can combine them or change their colours or design to get the best of them.

2. Canva

This web page helps you to make professional designs, instantly. It has a wide variety of modern and easy to customize templates. Even though the free version has some limitations, you can make a professional CV in a matter of minutes.

3. VisualCV

It is a platform that offers a CV generator, this tool allows us to fill in our information and generate and manage multiple resumes, each one can be oriented to the role you are applying for.

4. Photoshop

If you feel comfortable working with this software and you are part of the world of design, it is time to show your creative skills with your CV. The best thing about this option is its versatility, here you will find no limits to design the most creative resume.

5. LinkedIn

In this case, you will not have a classic CV, but this social network will give you a space on the Internet to publish your knowledge, academic background, interests and skills. You will also find a lot of opportunities to find your next goal.

Now you know how to make the perfect CV, it's time to search among all the opportunities and choose your new project. Sometimes, you will have to move from your city to another, but this is no longer a problem. Erasmus Play has the easiest tool for housing search. Your career has just begun and, by following these tips you will have a great future.

And if you already had a CV before, just apply these tips. Then tell us how much your resume has improved? Also, if you have any other trick to improve a resume for students, we will be reading you in the comment section.

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