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How to organise a perfect Erasmus

You have probably already decided that you are going to participate in the Erasmus programme, if so, it a great decision but, do you know what do you have to do now? Here you have 5 steps you must follow if you want a perfect Erasmus, without any complication, just worry about learning and having fun.

The Erasmus programme offers an exceptional experience for thousands of students every year, which virtually never disappoints. For many students it may be their first time living away from home or family so, it becomes a great opportunity to mature and boost their independence. Here we tell you how to organise your Erasmus to making the most of it and how to avoid any problem you may have.

Your perfect Erasmus in 5 steps


You have probably already decided that you are going to participate in the Erasmus programme, if so, it a great decision but, do you know what do you have to do now? Here you have 5 steps you must follow if you want a perfect Erasmus, without any complication, just worry about learning and having fun.

1. Choose your destination

This step is possibly the most important. During the second term Universities usually publish the destinations eligible as Erasmus for faculty and degree. This is where it everything starts, we recommend that you take a look at all the destinations. Some of them will ask you for admission requirements such as duration of the scholarship or language level. Universities have to make sure that every student will understand their lessons, it means that you may prove not only your academical level, but also your language level. They usually demand a level between B1 and C1. Luckily, most destinations give the lessons in English. However, if you go to a large country like France or Germany, we highly recommend you as an opportunity to learn the local language as well. Universities usually offer free courses that will definitely help you in the future to get a better job.

In addition to the language, some destinations may require you to be a Master's student or have studied certain subjects. Many people don't think about this, before taking your final decision, take a look at all the subjects you will be able to study. There is a wide variety of electives in your final years, so take advantage of them to study what you like best and specialise in something you couldn't do in your current University.

2. Paperwork and procedures

Although nobody can avoid the most boring part of the Erasmus, we have good news. All the procedures are carried out very quickly. You will have to present academic documents provided by the University, language certificates if necessary, and a study agreement to validate the subjects you are taking with those available at your faculty. Some universities will require a motivation letter, don't worry, it's just another document here is a template so you can write yours easily.

3. Do you know your destination?

Now you have done all the paperwork and have been assigned a destination, to organie your perfect Erasmus you must wonder, do I know where I am going?

Probably not. But it's not a problem.

The Erasmus programme is an opportunity to discover new places. It's time to search for information like: how people live in the city, what the cost of living is, where your new university is, where the centre is, or where to party. Write down all the questions you have about the city and start your research. Most of them can be answered by simply opening Google Maps or Wikipedia. However, if you really want to know how your live is going to be, check forums or articles written by other students. They will tell you the most interesting secrets that you should know. You can also talk to and meet other students who are going to take the Erasmus course like you.

4. Get accommodation

This is one of the critical points of your Erasmus, if you want to organise the perfect Erasmus you should not waste a minute and start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

Now that you already know the city, you have an idea of where you want to live, but if not, this advice never fails: look for closer area to your faculty where there are leisure areas and supermarkets, that's all you need. Being close to the University will encourage you not to miss classes and not to be lazy, then you can meet your friends in leisure areas like bars without depending on the public transport of the city to come back home. Finally, living near to a supermarket, will save you a lot of time in your daily life. This advice will help you to organise your perfect Erasmus.

But where do I find accommodation?

This sounds good, but how do I find a room or a flat to share? In Erasmus Play we have created the definitive tool to get Erasmus accommodation, just type the name of the city or University and you will be able to find the accommodation that suits you best. You can also book them online, so you won't find any communication problem.

5. I'm already here!

At this moment you are already in your destination, you know what subjects you are going to study, you already have your new home, but you don't know anyone yet. By the time you get on your plane your nerves may explode because you don't know what you're going to find. Don't worry, everyone feels the same!

The first days are very important, don't arrive the day before you start classes, the Erasmus starts at least one week before. Universities usually prepare welcome days to introduce students to the campus, facilities, rules and other advices about the city. These activities will also help you to meet new people in your same situation. That's why the first days are the most important, it's much easier to meet people and they will give you the best advice to start your year!

This is how to organise the perfect Erasmus

The Erasmus programme is one of the biggest success stories among international mobility programmes but, if you still have doubts just follow these 5 steps to organise your perfect Erasmus.

Choose the destination that best suits you, find our advice above but surely you have already wisely decided. When you are officially admitted by the University starts your sprint to get some information about the city and as soon as possible find and compare accommodation. It will be your new home for the next few months and for a perfect Erasmus you need the perfect accommodation. Finally, we recommend you to travel before your classes start and, forget about your shame. This will help you to discover the city in first person and know how your Erasmus is going to be.

What about you, have you already done an Erasmus or any other mobility programme? You surely have more advices. Share your tips in the comments down below to help hundreds of students like you.

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