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Erasmus+ is returning in September

Erasmus+ cancelled!!! That's the last statement any student who wants to go on Erasmus would like to read. The European Commission, having studied the extension of covid-19 in Europe, does not believe that it will put an end to student mobility for the upcoming academic year. From ErasmusPlay, we are in touch with Spanish universities, which are working around the clock to get back to the normality for the next course. So is Erasmus returning for the academic year 2020/2021?

The coronavirus outbreak

During the latter days of February, we were aware of the arrival of coronavirus in Europe. Since then our way of living has changed drastically. One of the foremost measures to reduce the expansion of the virus was a total lockdown in most European countries, end of social life, closure of Universities, and all educational institutes. Three months ago who would have believed such a sci-fi story, but now everybody has to study from home. 

What's the point of travelling to a foreign country to learn its language and culture if we can't go out on the streets. Everybody thinking of applying for the Erasmus+ programme will be asking themselves this question. This exceptional situation has caused some uncertainty among students, who usually have planned their stay for the next course during the spring.

Erasmus+ participants under lockdown:

  • 25% of exchanges have been cancelled
  • 37.5% of participants faced serious problems regarding their exchange like not being able to go home or accommodation problems
  • 34% are on postponed classes or partial online offers
  • 50% of students still undergoing the programme are on online classes

Flexibility is the key

Luckily, we are witnessing that the restrictions are gradually reducing in Europe. The European Union has decided that enhancing flexibility in deadlines will help students and universities. Projects interrupted due to security measures can be extended without a specific request.

This flexibility offered by the European Union will allow those students who have not been able to meet the objectives of their course to extend their program by 12 months, up to a maximum of 36 months. With this information, we are optimistic that the Erasmus+ programme is NOT going to be cancelled. Erasmus cancelled for 2021 seems to be a no go.

10 things the EU is doing to fight the coronavirus

How the next course will be?

It is impossible to know how the life of an Erasmus student will be next year. Each country is applying distinct policies that will affect each student differently. The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is considering an alteration of calendars and dates. However, they assure that despite the delay, anybody who wants to do an Erasmus will be able to do it.

From the ErasmusPlay team, we appreciate the contribution that Erasmus+ programme develops and the value it brings to so many students and European citizens. That is why we work to know and inform about its latest news.

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