The best blogs for Erasmus students in 2023

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The Erasmus programme is one of the most popular mobility programmes. This popularity can be seen on the internet, which is overfloated by pages, articles and blogs about the programme. However, most of these pages are simply advertisements. In this article, we bring you a collection of the best blogs for Erasmus students, in which you will find information based on real experiences of other students and trusted organizations.

Everything you need to know about Erasmus


The Erasmus programme has been changing the lives of many students for several years, so many of them wanted to write about their experiences, anecdotes and insecurities in a blog. These articles are really the ones that will help you best to know what it is to be an Erasmus student, you will discover the tips and advices for every destination. In the ErasmusPlay blog you can find from posts written by former Erasmus students telling their experience in different cities, tips and general recommendations, to the latest news. Moreover you can find the easiest way to get your new home with the student accommodation search engine.

Find the right blog for you

The vast majority of Erasmus students speak and even have their classes in English because most of the articles they write are in this language. But, if you still don't feel comfortable reading in English you can also find student's experiences in forums such as erasmusu. Here is our list of blogs for Erasmus students to follow during 2023.

University College Dublin student blog:

The UCD blog gives its students the opportunity to write about different subjects. We can find some posts related to Erasmus and other mobility programmes. It is a must if we are going to study in Ireland and particularly in Dublin.

Erasmus Weekly

It is a blog written by former Erasmus students with the aim of informing and helping other students. It contains tips and tricks, motivational articles for the most undecided students and even an e-book about Erasmus experiences. Here you can find all the information.


This company specializes in logistics and helps students to send everything they need in their new country. In their blog we find a section dedicated to the programme that contains interesting articles for any student.

Study Abroad and Exchange Blog

This blog, (you can also find it as studyoverseas), tells the experiences of students at the University of Southampton in different mobility programmes. You can learn about the impact of mobility programmes on students from all over the world.

Study Abroad in Scandinavia

This foundation's blog guides students who want to study in these northern European countries. Its sections include articles on university studies and research, culture, accommodation and travel tips.

Study Destinations

It is a website that combines articles and news related to the university world from all over the world. We highly recommend it if you like to keep up to date with the news and what is going on in other universities.

TopUniversities Blog - Study Abroad

Here you can find articles from any university in the world. It has a search engine, so you can find specific information about your next university.

Do you want to share your experience?

Do you want to share your story?

There are Erasmus blogs for every place

Sometimes local companies or associations create blogs to help and give voice to students who land in these cities. If you are looking for advice, specific information or contacts in the city they are an ideal option. In most big cities like capitals, you will find specific blogs that will help during your Erasmus. Here are some of them:

  • Study In Sweden: one of the most popular blogs among students about living and studying in Sweden A must if this Nordic country is your next destination.
  • Education In Ireland: international students tell how they participate in mobility programmes in Ireland. You will read about students' experiences and what it has been like for them to study in Ireland.
  • CityLife, Madrid: their website helps students who are going to come to Madrid. In their blog we can find different articles about food, culture and leisure in Spain and specifically in Madrid.
  • A blog by students studying abroad at UoE, Edimburgh: as its name indicates a blog in which you can get to know first hand the experiences of international students at the University of Edinburgh.
  • is a blog aimed at Erasmus students who come to Barcelona. In its party section you can find a lot of events that will help you meet people and make new plans.


On the internet you can find tons of information on almost any subject and the Erasmus programme is no exception. However, sometimes you will not find the information you need in the official media of Universities or organisations. Blogs will give you best advices and guides. The experience of students will help you to know how your experience will be. We strongly recommend you to read these blogs. If you know or have an Erasmus blog, tell us in the comments, we will update this post to help as many students as possible!

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