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Prices for student accommodation in Spain

Spain is the biggest receiver of Erasmus students in Europe, topping the list of favourite destinations every year. This is due to factors such as the good climate, culture, gastronomy, parties, etc. Compare the prices for student accommodation in Spain.

Cities in the south of the country such as Granada, Seville, Malaga, Cadiz and Cordoba have an extraordinary culinary culture. While beers and tapas stand out all over the city. Madrid and Barcelona are positioned as multicultural cities, with daily nightlife. There are also coastal cities like Valencia, Alicante and Bilbao where you can enjoy days at the beach with friends. We also offer accommodation in charming cities such as Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza, Murcia and Oviedo, among many others.

1. Madrid


It is the most populated city in Spain and therefore has the largest influx of Erasmus students from Europe, as well as students from America and Asia. Madrid is one of the cities with the highest average housing prices. The average price of short-term student housing is around 630€ per month.

2. Barcelona

Second most populated city in Spain. It is a very touristy city all year round. There is a high investment in properties dedicated to tourism, due to the wide demand that exists in the market. That is why the prices of accommodation are high compared to other Spanish cities. The average price of a student room is about 590€ per month.

3. Granada

One of the preferred cities by Erasmus students due to the good climate, gastronomy and low cost of living, compared to the more busy cities mentioned above. It is a city with a large number of students, both national and international, and there is a wide range of apartments for young people. The average price of a student room is 240€ per month.

 4. Valencia

Great coastal city, average cost of living and wide range of accommodation for university students. Due to its wide range of studies and location, there are a large number of students, both from the city itself and from surrounding towns.

Average price of a student room is 290€ per month and there is a wide range of accommodation available around the universities.

Valencia landscape

5. Seville

It is the southern city with the most inhabitants in Spain. Characterized by good weather, culture and great Sevillian celebrations that are celebrated every year, concretely the Fair of April. It is a very interesting city to go for Erasmus+ program since the cost of living and the price of the lodgings are not high. The average price of a student room is 300€ per month.

 6. Bilbao

A wonderful city in the north of Spain, situated between the mountains and the sea, with a young spirit, it offers a wide range of gastronomic alternatives in its streets. It is a city that is characterized by abundant rainfall and the standard of living is notably higher than in other Spanish cities. If you are looking for a student room you can find it for approximately 360€ per month.

 7. Salamanca

It is known as the most famous city for Spanish university students. It is said that this city hosts the craziest and most entertained university parties in the world. Moreover, the cost of living is very affordable and allows you to make a life full of activities and leisure. The average price of a student room is 220€ per month.

 8. Malaga

It is the city that receives more hours of sunshine per year, so it is a great attraction for European students from countries where the climate is much worse.

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe, located on the coast, specifically in southern Spain. Its cost of living is low and the average price of an Erasmus student room is 220€ per month.

9. Murcia

One of the most fashionable cities for Erasmus students in recent years. It is a quiet, stress-free city with a lot of student life, as there is a wide range of studies on offer. The cost of living is low and this will allow you to find a student room at an average cost of 230€ per month.

10. Cádiz

It is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Spain. Its climate is great, practically all year round and will allow you to have great days of sun, beach and beer with your friends on a terrace. Cádiz is full of students and especially international students. Moreover, being a small city allows you to move easily in your daily life. There is a wide range of apartments for young people. The average price for a student room is 280€ per month.

Know the Compare the prices for student accommodation in Spain.

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