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Cheap Erasmus destinations

Are you thinking of going on Erasmus but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Here you can find the best cheap destinations to do Erasmus.

The time is close to apply for your Erasmus destination, you have to choose where you want to spend some months of your life. There are many factors to take into account, but one of them is the economic factor. Of course, the Erasmus grant will help you to cover some expenses, but if you want your destination to fit your pocket, in this post we point out a series of cheap destinations to do Erasmus.

Erasmus in Czech Republic


Prague is one of the best Erasmus destinations. On the one hand, it is a perfect place if you want to take advantage of your experience to travel. On the other hand, Prague is a beautiful and cheap city. There you will find everything you expect from a European capital but with much more affordable prices.

You should bear in mind that the currency used in the Czech Republic is the Czech koruna. Approximately, €1 corresponds to about 24.6 Czech crowns.

However, there are other cities in the Czech Republic with very good university atmosphere and even cheaper than Prague, such as Brno, Ostrava and Olomuc, where you will find hundreds of international students. Moreover, these cities are smaller, so you will also save money on transport.


Erasmus in Hungary

Hungary is a great country to do Erasmus, but the capital of the country is also one of the best Erasmus destinations. Budapest has it all: it is a city full of history, culture, parties, and a very good student atmosphere, and it is also a very cheap city. All this makes it a perfect destination. A room in a shared flat in Budapest costs around €200 to 250 per month. Transport is equally cheap, as the transport pass costs around €10, and with it, you can use any means of transport (tram, metro and bus) for a month. On the other hand, eating out for lunch or dinner costs an average of €10.

The currency used in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Specifically, 1 euro corresponds to 422 Hungarian guilders.

However, there are other destinations in Hungary worth considering like Pécs, Debrecen, Szeged or Győr, where the cost of living is even cheaper than in the country's capital.

All this makes Hungary one of the best cheap Erasmus destinations.

Erasmus in Poland

Poland is characterised as a cheap country throughout its territory. In this country, you will find a great variety of destinations to choose from, such as Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow or Warsaw, among others. All of them are very popular, cheap and with a great student atmosphere, as you will find many students, both national and international.

You have to take into account that the currency used in this country is the zloty. To give you an idea, €1 corresponds to 4.88 zloty.

As we said, the cost of living in Poland is very cheap. For example, in Warsaw, you can find rooms in shared flats for around €150-200 per month, if you look a few months in advance. Transport is equally cheap. Transport passes cost around €10 a month if you have a student card. On average, you can live comfortably in any of these cities for around €500-700 a month.


Erasmus in Portugal

If you are looking for a great quality of life at affordable prices, Portugal is the perfect destination for you. Did you know that some cities in Portugal are positioned as the cheapest cities to do Erasmus?

An example of this is Coimbra, a very cheap university city, where you can find rooms in shared flats for around €200 per month. On the other hand, in cities like Porto or Lisbon, the prices are a bit higher. For example, a room in a shared flat in Porto can cost around €250-300 per month

Erasmus in Italy

Italy is the Erasmus country par excellence, and no wonder: Mediterranean climate, open and friendly people, spectacular beaches and, of course, incredible gastronomy.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, we recommend cities like Naples, Palermo or Bari, among others. You have to take into account that the cities located in the south of the country are much cheaper. On the other hand, Milan, Rome, Bologna and Venice are much more expensive.

To give you an idea, the price of a room in a shared flat in Naples is between €250-300 per month. In general, partying is also cheap.


Erasmus in Slovenia

Slovenia, and in particular Ljubljana, is an increasingly popular destination for Erasmus students, and we understand why. There is a very good university atmosphere, it is a cheap city and from Slovenia, you can easily travel to other countries such as Croatia, Austria, Italy or Hungary.

If you are lucky and get a place in a residence, you can pay around €100-150 per month for accommodation. However, if you prefer a spare private room in a shared flat, you can find some options for €300 per month.

Remember that Slovenia uses the euro, so you won't have any problems with currency exchange and you'll be able to keep better control of your expenses. In general, the cost of living for a student in Ljubljana can be around €500-600 per month.

As you can see, there are plenty of cheap Erasmus destinations. Let us know in the comments which destination you would like to go to and why.

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