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Best Erasmus destinations in Italy

Would you like to do Erasmus in Italy but you don’t know which destination to apply for? These are the 6 best Erasmus destinations in Italy.

Italy is one of the best countries to do Erasmus: its gastronomy, culture, climate, are just some reasons why this country is so popular for international students. Find out the best Erasmus destinations in Italy.



Bologna is the Erasmus destination par excellence, since every year this city receives thousands of international students. So much so, that Bologna ranks as one of the most important university cities in the world.

It is a medieval city, characterized by its brick buildings and terracotta roofs, and with numerous monuments that are worth visiting. Some of them are: Piazza Maggiore, the Two Towers, the Archiginnasio Palace, and the porticoes that you will find scattered around the city, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In addition, Bologna has a great academic tradition, since the University of Bologna is the oldest university in Europe, founded in the year 1088. In Bologna, you will be able to enjoy the Erasmus experience to the fullest thanks to the great student atmosphere in the city.

Although Bologna is one of the best Erasmus destinations in Italy, its great popularity means that finding accommodation in Bologna can be a real adventure. Therefore, we recommend that you look for accommodation in advance.

Erasmus in Bologna


Turin is a city in the Piedmont region, located in northern Italy. It is a city filled up with international students every year.

In Turin you can do many activities: partying in the San Salvario and Quadrilatero area, going to spend the day in the Alps, meeting other students in Parco Valentino, taking a walk on the banks of the Po river or visiting some museums from Turin, such as the Museo Nazionale del Cinema or the Museo Egizio. In addition, its situation makes it very easy to travel within Italy, but also to visit other countries such as France or Switzerland.

Regarding the cost of living, Turin is not a cheap city, but neither is it as expensive as Milan or Rome.


In Florence you will be able to live Tuscan life to the fullest. Architecture and art are everywhere, and there are a lot of world-famous buildings and monuments that you will probably visit in the first weeks of your Erasmus.

The nightlife in Florence is great. Surely you will spend many nights in Santa Croce or Santa Maria Novella, but also in many of the pubs and discos that are in the city. Florence is a city that is filled with students throughout the academic year, so the student atmosphere is incredible.

In Florence, there are many things to do every day. Some plans you cannot miss are: watching the sunset from Piazza Michelangelo, having an ice cream while walking through the historic centre or partying in Santa Croce.

The cost of living for a student will be around €600-700 per month, but it will depend a lot on the lifestyle you lead in the city. A tip if you want to save a little money is to go to the "Mensa" dining rooms. These are dining rooms with discounts for students located near the university area. The menu costs 3–4 euros and includes three courses.

Erasmus in Florence


Padua is a small city in Italy with about 200,000 inhabitants. But don't be fooled by its size, 30% of the population are students, and many of them are international.

Being a relatively small city, you will have no problem getting around the city, either on foot or by bicycle. Many students buy second-hand bicycles in their first weeks and use them to move around the city. In addition, Padua is strategically located, since it is less than two hours by train from other Italian cities such as Verona, Venice, Bologna, Ferrara, or Florence. There are also nearby mountain areas and coastal areas, such as the Lido di Venezia.

Moreover, the University of Padua is one of the oldest universities in the world. It is recognized as one of the best universities in Europe and has a great training offer.

Thanks to the great student atmosphere that this city has, you will find a very active nightlife, like in Piazza dei Signori or in the city's nightclubs and bars.


Rome is the capital of Italy, and is one of the preferred destinations for international students who decide to do their Erasmus in Italy, and we understand why.

In Rome, there are some very prestigious universities, such as the University of Sapienza (Sapienza University of Rome) or the Roma Tre University (Università degli Studi Roma Tre), which have a wide range of courses and attract many students.

Of course, the Italian capital is a city full of history and culture. If you decide to do your Erasmus in Rome, you will be able to get to know everything that this wonderful city has to offer: the Colosseum, the Basilica of Saint Peter (Vatican), the Trevi Fountain, or the Borghese Gallery, among many other places.

Erasmus in Rome


Palermo, the capital of the island of Sicily, is another city you must assess if you want to go on Erasmus to Italy. It is located next to the sea. The climate is absolutely pleasant and that, added to the gastronomy and the good student atmosphere of the city makes it a perfect Erasmus destination.

It is a city full of art, culture and architecture wherever you go. Also, if you like to party, you can find great nightlife practically every day of the week, especially in the Chiavettieri, Magione and Vucciria areas, located near the historic centre.

Another positive aspect is that, in general, Palermo is a cheap city, especially if you compare it with other Italian cities.

This is our list of the 6 best Erasmus destinations in Italy. What do you think? Do you already know which city you would like to go to? Let us know in the comments!

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