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8 parties for Erasmus in Italy that you cannot miss

If you are planning to do your Erasmus in Italy, we recommend you attend some of the most famous parties in the country to feel like a true Italian.
Living this adventure with your Erasmus friends will be a unique and fun experience that you cannot miss. Next, we will tell you some of the best parties, let's discover them!

The Carnival of Venice, Veneto


People masked during the Carnival

Firstly, Venice is a beautiful city in northern Italy and, in addition to its particular structure, it is known all over the world for Carnival, masks and costumes. It is an old festival that has been celebrated for centuries and lasts about ten days, usually in the month of February / March. There is no fixed date for this celebration since it depends on the days that Easter is celebrated, so it changes every year.
If you want to see a magical city full of atmosphere during your Erasmus in Italy, we recommend you go to this Italian festival known throughout the world!

The explosion of the chariot in Florence, Tuscany

Always related to Easter, the explosion of the chariot is celebrated in Florence on the Sunday of this holiday. It consists of the explosion of this chariot, also called "brindellone", activated by the archbishop after having crossed the central nave of the main Florentine church.

The Feast of the Befana in Rome, Lazio

Although this feast is celebrated throughout Italy, in Rome it is very characteristic and important. This festival (which takes place on January 6) commemorates the visit of the Magi to Jesus of Bethlehem. It is customary to hang a stocking in the fireplace and then find it filled with sweets the next morning. The best places to see a large number of events are Piazza Navona, in the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano or in Via della Conciliazione, where there is a very interesting parade.

The Feast of San Gennaro in Naples, Campania

September 19 is known in Naples as the day of San Gennaro, the city's patron saint, famous for his miracles. As a result, you will be able to see the city full of characteristic lights and also, you will be able to savor a typical dessert in the shape of the sacred figure!

The Feast of Santa Rosalía in Palermo, Sicily

This saint is known for having performed a miracle against the plague. Her celebration takes place from July 10 to 15 each year with activities / events throughout the city. The atmosphere is very cozy and typical, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. On the night of July 14 there is a procession accompanied by songs, choreographies and music whose main theme is a boat-shaped float with the representation of Santa Rosalía on it. This procession runs from the historic center to the sea. In the Forum area there is a great fireworks display at night.

The night of Taranta in Salento, Puglia

The last nights of the warm month of August are known in Salento for the night of Taranta, a way to remember the traditional music of Salento. These celebrations are always sumptuous and the culmination is given with the concert held in Melpignano. You cannot miss it if you are in doing your Erasmus in Italy and want to delve into the culture of the place!

The living nativity scene on the stones in Matera, Basilicata

This festival is very characteristic. If you are in Matera in December and you are thinking of seeing this event, hurry up and book your ticket because there is a lot of demand! It consists of a nativity scene represented by the inhabitants of the place with the aim of representing the birth of Jesus.

The Palio of Siena, Tuscany

Italian horse racing in Siena

Finally, on July 2 and August 16, a horse riding competition takes place between the 17 areas of Siena, each represented by a rider. This tour takes place throughout the city so you can watch it for free. We recommend that you arrive in the city center in the morning, as it will be crowded and it will be difficult to get around.

These are some of the most important and traditional Italian festivals. If you have the opportunity to see any of them, do not hesitate, it will be a wonderful opportunity to experience the local traditions and feel like an authentic Italian.

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